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Working with energy healing is an alignment of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies – clearing chakra blockages at all levels whether it’s a physical ailment or emotional trauma that you are currently going through.

Energy healing also helps to clear past life trauma that can affect you in this lifetime because there are certain triggers that can awaken things from the past and affect us in this life. Therefore energy healing can bring more peace, harmony and balance to you in this life.


The first three sessions are key to seeing your life altering progress.

The difference between energy healing and talk therapy is that when you’re working with energy, you’re working with all the things you can’t see in the physical realm and you’re working on a deeper level in ways that can benefit you because we are all energy and all we do in life affects us.


By working with the energy healing, Rosario Cobar is able to actually connect to your conflict and help to resolve and heal your conflict. The effects penetrate on a subconscious level therefore creating more clarity, confidence, and awareness within you.

Light wave healing, which is like the quantum level and affects everything, is the source of everything and who we are. Quantum opens up more possibilities and helps you to expand and enhance your life by remembering things that are important to you like – just like connecting the pieces of a puzzle.

One moment you feel unworthy and all of a sudden you’re feeling confident. One moment you may feel depressed and the next moment you’re connecting to joy and happiness.

Heal the abandonment issues and you remember that yes you’re worthy – that you deserve to be happy, married, and heal separation issue because it’s a pattern that starts to create more and more things.


Each person is unique in healing. Some people need only 3 sessions while others may need a package of 15 sessions.

During your energy and chakra healing session, Rosario can connect with your spirit guides and angels to ask questions about your personal life, career, or anything of importance to you at this moment. You can ask her about dreams that you have, or events that repeat, or may have patterns.

Energy is transmitted over the phone because when you are an energy healer – you can do it long distance because we are really all connected.

When Rosario works with a person, she is able to see and feel things. She will be able to feel your fears or traumas from this life and other lives, healing them.  The flow of energy is physical which causes blockages and together you and Rosario will unblock them.


To schedule an energy healing session over Skype, please make your payment below for the session of your choice. Upon making your payment, please email Rosario Cobar at isalight@yahoo.com to schedule a mutually convenient date and time for your appointment and please add Rosario to your Skype contacts at isalight44.  Your credit card will reflect a charge from Whispering Waves, Inc and is non-refundable.  Should you need to re-schedule the date and time of your appointment, we request that you notify Rosario 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  Cancellations will be re-scheduled at a mutually convenient time for both parties.




THREE (3) SESSIONS (30 MINUTES EACH = 1.5 hours): $180


To ask a question by email, please make your payment below. Upon making your payment, please email Rosario Cobar at isalight@yahoo.com to ask your question. You will receive an email response within 24 hours.




Rosario Cobar is an Energy and Angel Healer who resides in the United States. Having a strong connection to the Angels and the unseen and unknown is something that she was gifted as a child. She has been practicing Reiki, Bach Flowers, Magnified Healing, Light Wave Healing, and Quantum Healing for the last 20 years. As a spiritual guide, she believes her purpose is to help others on their own journey and to awaken, connect and to find their purpose – thereby enhancing and empowering themselves to connect to their own intuition.

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