Dubai Fashion Events: Fashion Forward Dubai Presents Talks on the Business of Fashion

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Dubai Fashion Events: Fashion Forward Dubai Presents Talks on the Business of Fashion

If you’re looking for a career change or to elevate your fashion career, we recommend attending the Dubai fashion event – Fashion Forward Dubai. Find out what’s happening in the business of fashion in the Middle East. What’s going on with the fashion market, how tradeshows and showrooms can increase your customer reach, and most importantly how to use social media, technology, and digital marketing to your advantage. The retail and fashion industry are evolving. People are changing the way they buy. While many Arabs still frequent the malls, they also do a lot of shopping online and aboard. So how can we stimulate the Dubai fashion market? Find out at this event.

Unfortunately the Sterling Style Academy will be in New York and Miami at this time and not able to attend this amazing event, but on March 24th you can find out how to jumpstart your fashion career. Find out what a fashion education can do for you. Discover what options are available to fashion entrepreneurs for continuing education. As the fashion education sector flourishes with new options, find out what you can learn from fashion school.  Once you find out all this great information you’ll want to attend our fashion school on styling and shopping in April or click below for current dates.  The Sterling Style Academy has a strong foot print in the Middle East training and certifying Middle East Fashion Influencers such as Hala Al Harity, Mayssa Assaf, and Faisal Al Ghazzawi – just to name a few!

Current Dates, Locations & Training Programs | Sterling Style Academy

And if you’re starting a new fashion line, like many of our graduates do, there’s a great panel discussion on March 24th on how to jump onto the fashion online marketplace and sell your merchandise.

Meet, mingle, and socialize during this amazing Dubai fashion event! We hope to see some of your fabulous Sterling Style Academy graduates there when they post their outfits onto Instagram.

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