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It seems that when you become a part of the British Royal Family there are a set of rules or protocols that you must abide by which is even reflective in their attire.  However, when it comes to Meghan Markle, she seems to be a person who is true to her innate self.

Normally when people get dressed, they tend to choose clothing that is representative of their personality and values.  If a person is indeed in harmony with their true self then it is reflective in the image and style one projects.

When we take a look at Meghan Markle her style is simple, tidy, neat, without many frills with a touch of femininity. Even before she started dating Prince Harry, her style was simple. The benefit of wearing classic styles or simple outfits is that it makes it easy to get dressed. Clothes don’t go out of style that easily and you’re not focused on wearing trends.  From a style perspective, it made it easier for Meghan Markle to blend into the royal family. Normally when a person is more simple in their fashion style, they are more easy going as people and their values are also the same – simple.

Simplicity is what makes Meghan Markle appealing to the public eye. She seems to be herself – uninhibited, with no need to filter her thoughts and actions.  One of the greatest attributes about Meghan Markle is that she’s an advocate for women empowerment and sustainable fashion, which should be of no surprise why she chose a Stella McCartney dress for her second gown during her wedding.

When you choose outfits that are also simple in design, you become the focus rather than letting your clothing speak for you.  So which person would you rather be, the one who grabs people’s attention through the clothing they wear or through their personality?

Fashion girls tend to go for more dramatic on trend looks rather than simple looks. Does that come as a surprise to anyone? While we may also be advocates of women empowerment and align with brands like Alice + Olivia for that reason, most of the time there is an air of dramatic in a fashion girl’s outfit even when she’s just wearing casual clothing.

For all these reasons above, that is why image is such a powerful tool.  Use image as a form of expressing yourself, your values, and your personality.

Sometimes simple can be equated to boring. However, expressed another way, simple can be effortless. Use clothing to enhance who you are as a person and allow your unique self to shine.

One other great attribute about Meghan Markle is that she is proud of who is she.  She doesn’t feel the need to categorize herself or put herself in a box.  She is just happy being herself which is probably one of the many reasons why Prince Harry was so taken by her.  When you are uninhibited with good values and good intentions, you tend of be happy with your life and who you are. Having an appreciation for what you have rather than constantly comparing yourself to others is good for the soul. Compete with yourself and push yourself rather than have others push you!

Meghan Markle is a good role model for what the modern American should be: multi-cultural, simple yet diverse. It will be interesting to see what type of influence she will have on the House of Windsor.

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Michelle T. Sterling is a notable worldwide American image consultant.  She is the founder of the Sterling Style Academy and trains her students to understand how to assess the image of a person based on the scientific and technical aspects of style.

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