“Styling Tips and Tricks in a New Economy”
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 31, 2009 • No Comments

The Fashion Group International, FGI, hosted a panel discussion which featured the top "What are the actual job titles a student can expect once they receive the right styling training?" asked one audience

The Value of an Education Targeted to Your Specific Career
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 26, 2009 • No Comments

Fashion schools and art academies offer well-rounded educations in fields including Fashion Design, Visual Merchandising, Merchandise Marketing, Product Development, Beauty Industry Marketing, and the list goes on.  Few offer a targeted education

Meet the Graduates of Sterling Style Academy Miami – 2009
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 24, 2009 • No Comments

Pictured from the left: Sterling Style Academy Certified Image Consultant, Jeunesse Ali - Trinidad/Tobago;  Sterling Style Academy Certified Image Consultant, Amy Inglefield - Trinidad;  Each student set forth and achieved their

Are You Indispensable?
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 20, 2009 • No Comments

We all know unemployment is on the rise.  The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the December 2008 rate to be 7.2 percent.  Many college graduates can't find a

Special Training Products Offer to Sterling Style Academy Students and Alumni
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 20, 2009 • No Comments

Start the New Year off refreshing and reviving your business with the Sterling Style Academy Learning Tools and Resources. We want to assist you, our students and alumni, in achieving

Want a Career That Will Pay You to Shop at the Most Prestigious Stores?
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 07, 2009 • No Comments

Learn to shop for different body types and facial features, careers, lifestyles and budgets.  A

Sterling Style Academy Launches Miami 2009 Training Course at the Mondrian Hotel!
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 06, 2009 • No Comments

In-class training will take place in an intimate, interactive setting using top-notch curriculum and multi- media presentations.  Students will begin working with wardrobes and color clustering before heading into the

Top Three Reasons to Pursue a New Career in Professional Image Consulting
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 03, 2009 • No Comments

As huge corporations suffer, small businesses and entrepreneurs flourish.  Why?  Because we are innovative and can adapt quickly to necessary changes. Sterling Style Academy offers training to become a Professionally Certified Image

Sterling Style Academy Certified Image Consultant, Tonya Chase
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • December 17, 2008 • No Comments

She has taken her business expertise and combined it with her keen eye for fashion to offer consulting services for those on a budget to those who indulge in high-end

FALL FASHION: LET THERE BE WAIST, by Certified Image Consultant Anna Panajon
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • December 17, 2008 • No Comments

San Francisco, California- This fall season declares all eyes on waist as designers take cue after soft architecture for women's curves. The main silhouette of peplum are predominantly seen in

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