#Paris #FashionWeek 2018 and How It’s Useful to #ImageConsultants

Sterling Style Academy • March 05, 2018 • No Comments

It’s Paris Fashion Week! As an image consultant, the benefit of Paris Fashion Week is that we get to see upcoming fashion styles and trends to help us get inspired to put together looks for clients. Many things that you see during fashion week are runway items which are not necessarily wearable items for day-to-day. But the key to being a good image consultant is interpreting those looks and taking components of those outfits and incorporating them into our client’s day-to-day wardrobe so that they feel on trend, fashionable, and still wear something authentic to themselves.

See what our favorite fashion blogger influencers are wearing during Paris Fashion Week. It’s not only stylish, it’s wearable and seemingly comfortable.

If you’d like to learn how to turn your creative fashion abilities into a profitable career, you may enroll in our classes in Paris to become an image consultant, personal stylist, and personal shopper coming up in May or in June.

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