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The Truth About Being Your Own Boss in the Image Consultant, Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper Industry

Hi. I’m Michelle Sterling, the founder of the Sterling Style Academy. I started my career in my 20s with a simple love for shopping, on-trend high street fashion, and luxury brand goods, which took some time to develop into a wonderful jet-setting career as an image consultant, personal stylist + personal shopper, and trainer.

When I was younger, I thought I needed more credibility, which is why I joined AICI and became an AICI Certified Image Consultant. And over the years as my career evolved, I found it was necessary to move away from the AICI image of image consultants and establish my own stamp on the industry which is why I first coined the term Image Stylist in 2011, forming the, and other people started using the term since then.  Because why be frumpy when you can be fabulous at any age!

You see, the individuals I’ve trained are truly fashionistas as well as knowledgeable and credible go-getters who have established their own profitable businesses, developing one stylish person at a time, or becoming Instagram influencers who have gone on to be brand ambassadors, working with celebrities and then becoming their own celebrities from L.A., Paris, Milan, Lebanon, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. They are probably much like fashion bloggers and perhaps I should have become one myself, but the great thing about being your own boss is that it’s never too late to transition into similar industries.

I’ll be honest with you, every business goes through changes and transitions. And if you’re successful your competition will always be watching what you’re doing instead of simply competing with themselves. They can be as critical as they like and watch everyone else, which is probably why you read similar success stories and marketing propaganda on other image consultant training websites, but in the end we are all here for a common goal, to provide the best possible education for the people who choose to train with us.

Therefore who is the right fit to become a Sterling Style Academy fashioned chic image consultant and personal stylist? You’ll know when you see our branding, visit our Instagram and Facebook pages, and see how much credibility our graduates have built for themselves over the years. Watch the video and you’ll see what I’m like. Because like attracts like and I am SOOOO VERY fortunate to have some of the most beautiful, glamorous, and gorgeous male and female graduates in the industry who are proud to call themselves Sterling Style Academy alumni!

Mantras that the Sterling Style Academy lives by:

1) Focus on the good

2) Be yourself and you can be anything

3) In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different – Coco Chanel

4) Choose kindness and laugh often

5) Do what YOU love

Ciao for now…and I’ll see you soon at one of our many courses worldwide or through our personalized instructor-led online certification program! You are your greatest asset and your greatest asset should be your greatest investment!

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The Sterling Style Academy is a leader in the field of image consultant training and offers a variety of certification programs as an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper, and Fashion & Style Consultant.

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