Wardrobe Makeover Tips According to the Best Image Consultant Training Program in New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Cape Town, Milan, and Paris

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Wardrobe Makeover Tips According to the Best Image Consultant Training Program in New York, San Francisco, BeirutDubai, Cape Town, Milan, and Paris

Tip 1. Evaluate What’s in Your Closet

When going through your own closet you might see something and think oh that’s so old I haven’t worn it in so long and it usually goes with X item and accessory. The benefit of hiring a wardrobe consultant is that, if she skilled at her job, she will be able to take that item and restyle it with other things in your closet so that you feel like you have a fresh new look.

Tip 2.  Shop the Sales and Mix the New with Old

Just because an item is on sale these days doesn’t mean that it isn’t nice. People are just not buy as much or spending as much on items, therefore stores are forced to put items on sale. You can refresh and outfit by adding something new to something you already have making it feel like a new look.

Tip 3. Hire an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper

Shopping from a box or from a mobile app cannot replace the human element. Often times, you’ll receive this box and won’t know what to put together with what and the box will go straight back to the vendor. When you hire an in image consultant and personal stylist you’re making investment in yourself. Why? Because often times you hire an image consultant and personal stylist to make yourself feel better because you could be going through life change; because you need a pick me up; because you don’t know what to wear anymore. So, if you’re looking for a skilled and well-trained image consultant and personal stylist, please click here.

We have many graduates worldwide who are more than capable to assist clients with their self-esteem needs and raise their self-confidence and how they feel about themselves.  After all image isn’t just about looking superficially good. It’s about feeling good too from the inside out. That’s one experience that you won’t want to miss in your life.

Why do Wardrobe Consultants decide to exit the consulting business?

Most of the time it’s because they don’t know how to manage the client. The key to working with clients is about placing boundaries. Is it OK for them to text you at midnight? Is it OK for them to call you on the weekend while you’re busy on a family outing because it’s an “emergency”? Do you need to reply back to them as soon as possible out of fear that you’ll lose the business? The answer to all those things is usually no. If a client is really interested they can wait for your office hours or normal business hours to hear from you. You are running a business. You are not their best friend unless they’re paying you for VIP access.  Usually if the client needs immediate attention, they have entitlement issues. And that’s not a client that you want to work with because it will end up being a difficult client to manage.

There is an exception though. The Entertainment business expects you to drop everything you’re doing and cater to them immediately. If you’re targeting celebrities, you can expect this kind of behavior from your clients. If this behavior is acceptable to you and you’re getting paid enough money to accept this kind of behavior, then that’s what we call opportunity cost.


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