Top Image Consultants like Michelle T. Sterling travel to serve clients globally
Sterling Style Academy • April 22, 2019 • No Comments

Image Consultant Michelle T. Sterling resides in between New York and Dubai and serves clients worldwide. There are many people in the world who call themselves

Sterling Style Academy Produces Fashion Blogger Influencer Image Consultants During this Digital Marketing Era
Sterling Style Academy • December 02, 2018 • No Comments

From the US, to Europe, to the Middle East, into Asia, the Sterling Style Academy understands how their students need to position themselves and market

Fashion Entrepreneur Business Academy Tips
Sterling Style Academy • November 01, 2017 • No Comments

Whether you’re a fashion blogger, style blogger, fashion designer, or existing life coach or fashion entrepreneur, the business landscape for fashion related businesses is changing.

The Sterling Style Academy Produces FashionedChic Image Consultants, Personal Stylists and Personal Shoppers
Sterling Style Academy • July 06, 2017 • No Comments

The Truth About Being Your Own Boss in the Image Consultant, Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper Industry Hi. I’m When I was younger, I thought I

Sterling Style Academy Reviews for Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Training
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 16, 2015 • No Comments

Why choose the Sterling Style Academy for your image consultant, personal stylist or personal shopper training? Because reviews have shown that while others have tried

Happy New Year from the Sterling Style Academy
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 01, 2015 • No Comments

The Sterling Style Academy would like to wish all our graduates and prospective new students a Happy New Year! Thank you for taking our program or

Image Consultant Training Benefits
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • December 10, 2014 • No Comments

Why become an image consultant, personal stylist and personal shopper? Has your career compass always pointed towards fashion, but you aren’t sure what the right path

Dubai Astrology Image & Style Consultant Training | Only at the Sterling Style Academy
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • July 28, 2014 • No Comments

Have you ever wanted to explore the archetypes of the zodiac and its effects on our fashion sense? Do you wonder how our astrological signs

Visiting Miami on Holiday? Miami Personal Shopper Can Help You Navigate the Malls So You Spend More Time on the Beach Rather than Indoors
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • March 26, 2014 • No Comments

Miami, Florida (March 26, 2014) – Nothing ruins a holiday faster than when a husband has to go shopping with his wife and all he really wants to do is

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