Wendy Rhoades Billions Wardrobe Style Inspiration

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Want Billions Wendy Rhoades’ wardrobe and style? Check out our style inspiration picks that are currently available now for purchase.

In order to get Wendy Rhodes’ style, just think of an edgier version of Audrey Hepburn’s look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Wendy Rhoades of Billions’ wardrobe consists mostly of black tailored and form fitting dresses, tops, and trousers with an occasional blazer. Add some high heels and a designer black bag and that’s her style. Simple. Clean. Authoritative.

We’re seeing New Yorkers wearing incognito brands these days. It’s a new trend, to wear brands that don’t scream ‘I’m a brand’ or that ‘I have money,’ which to be honest as image consultants we find a bit bizarre. Historically you will see New Yorkers with an Hermes bag or Chanel bag, Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry along with the little black dress, particularly if you work in the finance industry. However Wendy Rhodes goes incognito perhaps because she repeatedly tells us that her husband, or soon to be ex-husband Chuck Rhoades, only makes $185,000 a year while she makes 8 times that amount! That’s woman empowerment!

So as an empowered woman, she wears designer brands that don’t scream ‘I’m a brand.’ Instead, we focus on her power as a person, her purpose, and her message at work rather than what she’s wearing. That’s how she builds trust and authority at her work place without exuding status. That’s how she builds her personal brand.

Click and shop the style picks below if you’d like to emulate Wendy Rhoades’ wardrobe and style. We added some color to her all black palette that goes with her personal coloring and also looks more approachable. On second thought, she’d look better with silver hardware on her bag instead of gold…like we said, the pictures below are style inspiration.

If you’d like to create your own personalized signature style or your own personal brand, click here to schedule an online personal stylist appointment for $147 with Sterling Style Academy’s founder, Michelle T. Sterling. She’s responsible for picking and online shopping for Wendy Rhoades’ clothes and style inspiration below. And Ms. Sterling had to throw in a visibly branded YSL bag now that Wendy is free to exude her professional successes! She’d still like to see her wear an Hermes or Chanel bag though! Get your professional New York look and professional New York style with Michelle T. Sterling.

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