Online Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Training Certification Program

Sterling Style Academy’s Online Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Certification Program is a self-paced and intensive educational experience that can be completed anytime, anyplace, and anywhere in the world with a laptop, tablet, or smart phone and an Internet connection. Our online certification program provides the flexibility you need to complete the course as your schedule permits.

In order to receive Sterling Style Academy certification through the online program, you must complete all 20 modules, the final project and conference call evaluation. Fashion industry professionals may choose to simply brush-up on their styling skills by enrolling in our Short eCourses as they suit their professional needs.

About Our 20 Module Online Image Consultant Training Program

About Our Distance Learning Online Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Certification Program

The Sterling Style Academy Distance Learning Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Training Online Program offers a comprehensive online learning experience that has become the premier choice for distance learning students worldwide. As one of the pioneers to offer image consultant training courses online, we are continually developing and refining our course curriculum. We believe that by providing you with thought-provoking exercises, constructive feedback and an optimal, self-paced adult learning experience, you will experience a greater success rate upon graduation when launching your new business or exploring new endeavors. Sterling Style Academy incorporates industry-proven image consulting practices enhanced with modern and timely perspectives.

The Founder’s vision for the Sterling Style Academy is to provide students with innovative training programs geared to hone their image, fashion and style skills technically and artistically into a stimulating and interactive learning environment.

Our students receive an extensive education in the art and science of style, enabling you to develop wardrobes for your clients in the colors, shapes and patterns most suitable to them and according to their personal fashion style. Our online curriculum is self paced and students are asked to complete rigorous exercises to hone their creative eye and critical thinking through each module’s interactive exercises.

The Sterling Style Academy’s online curriculum is developed directly from our core Image Consultant Training Certification Program. As technology develops, personal schedules become hectic, and people worldwide have become more budget conscious, prospective image consultants, personal shoppers and personal stylists are turning to home study, distance learning and online options to meet their educational needs.  This course, however, does not include the What Are My True Colors ebook, Personal Style Consulting, Personal Shopping, Personal Styling or the Sales, Marketing, Business Brand Identity Launch Kit eShort Course Learning Tools and Resources.

Sterling Style Academy Online Certification Program

The Online Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Training Certification Program is an intensive online training program designed to meet the unique needs of individuals who are not able to travel and would like to learn at the own pace in the comfort of their own home. In this program, you will learn the following:

Sterling Style Academy Online Image Consultant Training

Upon completion of the online training program,
you will receive a certificate as an Image Consultant & Personal Stylist.

How It Works

At the Sterling Style Academy, we provide you with an eLearning system where students are able to review fashion forward learning modules with an instructor via Skype training sessions, watch video tutorials, complete interactive exercises, receive assignments, and communicate with instructors via email when necessary. Our online image consultant training program integrates the training module material taught during the Introduction to Image Consulting Level I and Level II in-class courses in the form of learning modules and interactive exercises.

Upon registering for the online course, you will receive a welcome packet via email complete with an outline of the online course agenda and syllabus as well as access to your first learning module and interactive exercise.  If you do not receive this email, please email us and we will forward the email to you again.

At the end of each learning module, you will need to complete the review questions, interactive exercises, or an individual project and submit it via email for instructor review. If you are enrolled into the Pay-As-You-Go Program, you will be granted access to the next learning module upon receipt of payment for the next module.  Students who have enrolled into the complete online training program will be granted access to the next learning module upon receipt of the previous module’s homework. We will contact you via email to schedule your live, individually instructor-led, training module review.  

Instructors are available throughout your eLearning experience to provide you with constructive feedback on your homework and answer all your questions.  There are no time limits for you to complete the program.

Once you have completed all the learning modules, you will present your final project to your instructor via a 2-hour Skype training session, in which you will need access to the Internet and Microsoft Office programs. The final project encompasses your understanding of all the material and includes the presentation of your wardrobe book, professional bio, press release, sales pitch, and 30-second introduction. During this conference call you will also be able to address any further questions regarding the material learned, the industry and launching your own business. Upon determination of successful completion by your instructor, you will become a Sterling Style Academy Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist.

Technical Requirements

  • A laptop with a high-speed Internet connection
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat
  • An email address, Skype and dropbox account
  • We recommend opening a GMAIL account to transmit large files.  AOL and hotmail accounts conflict with our servers
  • Ability to navigate the World Wide Web, and download email and web attachments

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Turn your goals into reality! The Sterling Style Academy is offering enrollment in the first training module for just US$197 to determine we are the best Image Consultant + Personal Styling Training Course for your professional training needs. Enlist in our Distance Learning Online Home Study Image Consultant + Personal Stylist Training Course today!

Sterling Style Academy Online Image Consultant Certification Program

Your Training Investment

The Sterling Style Academy Online Image Consultant and Personal Stylist Training Program is currently comprised of approximately 20 modules at US$197 per module using the “pay-as-you-go” payment plan method.  To receive certification, you will need to register for the Skype conference call for US$847 when you are ready to complete the training program.  Therefore our entire Online Certification Program is an investment of $4,787 using the “pay-as-you-go” method.  To save approximately US$1300, we recommend enrolling in the complete online training program for US$3,477 which includes all the training modules and the conference call to receive certification. 

If you would like to take this program, FULLY instructor-led from hands-on review of the training module and the interactive exercises to ensure mastery of the concepts, please enter the number 2 into the “pay-as-you-go” method.  Or enter the number 2 next to the “complete online training program” payment method, to register for a fully personalized one-on-one training session positioning you to be the best image consultant and personal stylist you can be through our creative, educational methods of training.

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Benefits Of Online Image Consultant Training

With hundreds of students currently enrolled in our Online Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Training Course worldwide, this program provides our students with the following benefits:

1. Value. Our Online Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Training Program is the affordable solution for budget-conscious individuals who have a passion for style and are enthusiastic to turn it into a career. With no travel requirements, your course investment is more affordable and there is no need to leave your family or utilize your accrued vacation time.

2. Self-Paced. Course material is accessible anytime and from anywhere 365 days of the year. International students whose first language is not English have the ability to study and review modules in an environment with little or no distraction or pressure while they are the most alert. Students can attend to their family, career, and travel obligations and can set their study schedule to meet their lifestyle demands.

3. Student -Centered Learning. Each student has unique learning styles that work best for them. Online training enables you to learn visually and by practice based on the interactive exercises planned in each module.

4. Promotes Participation. In an online environment, instructors seem more approachable and students are often less intimidated to ask questions and are more open to constructive feedback. There is also less pressure for you to answer questions on the spot, therefore giving you more confidence in your abilities. You feel more comfortable when participating, and all your specific questions will be addressed by your instructor enabling you to be more prepared for client situations.

5. Facilitates Working Independently. Many personal stylists and personal shoppers are self-employed and therefore often work alone when not with a client. Our Online Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Training Program helps with you work independently with minimal supervision and also hones your technological aptitude which is crucial toward your business development skills to become a top-notch personal stylist and personal shopper.

6. Geographic Diversity. The Sterling Style Academy attracts a diversified student body from around the globe. Our Online Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Training Course is developed with a global perspective which provides students with diversified course materials that may not be readily available in regions where this industry is not yet established. Our international faculty has over 50 years of combined industry experience spanning several continents and cultures. Graduates of the Sterling Style Academy gain access to our worldwide peer network of alumni where you are encouraged to share best business practices as well as cultivate relationships all from the comfort of your own home.

7. Every dollar of your Sterling Style Academy training investment is tax deductible. As a business owner, your industry education becomes a valuable tax deduction and may be written off as a business expense.

8. Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Certification Through the Sterling Style Academy. Upon successful completion of our online image consultant and personal stylist certification program, you will become a Sterling Style Academy Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist. Our course also prepares students to register for and to pass the AICI FLC Exam which enables image consultants to become AICI first level certified. However many of our graduates are successful just as Sterling Style Academy Certified Image Consultants and Personal Stylists throughout the world.

With today’s technology, fashion resources are readily available. Our online image consultant and personal stylist training program enables you to leverage these resources and gives you an opportunity to showcase your talents through portfolio development. You will develop sample look books to show prospective clients your industry experience and close more business!

The Benefits of the Sterling Style Academy are the following:

  1. Commitment to Excellence.  We consistently update our course curriculum so that our students receive the most current and timely style industry information.  Wardrobe case studies are shaped by the hippest celebrities and designer style, and our coaching of corporate communication and appropriate wardrobe is geared toward persevering through economic downturns.
  2.  Faculty Reputation.  The Academy instructors have 50 years of combined industry experience and the Sterling Style Academy’s founder is a Wellesley Alumnae, member of the National Organization of Professional Women, ATD and other professional organizations committed to excellence.  You will train from experts who are recognized as being in the top 2 percentile in the image consulting industry.
  3. Global Diversified Student Body and Internationally Recognized Student Alumni.  Sterling Style Academy Certified Image Consultants span the globe from over 65 different countries from every continent.
  4. Every dollar of your Sterling Style Academy training investment is tax deductible.  As a business owner, your industry education becomes a valuable tax deduction and may be written off as a business expense.


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