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Have you been thinking about a career in fashion for years however have no time to take a sabbatical from work or your family to attend a training program?  Are you interested in virtual instruction, short courses based on expert industry proven methodologies that will enable you to work with clients immediately?  Or are you looking for additional online training to enhance your skills as an image consultant, color consultant, wardrobe consultant, fashion consultant, personal shopper or personal stylist?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Sterling Style Academy’s Learning Tools and eCourses are the solution for you.

Upon purchasing 1) What Are My True Colors, 2) Personal Style Consulting, 3) Wardrobe Consulting, 4) Personal Shopping, and 5) Personal Styling, you will receive a certificate via email as a Fashion & Style Consultant.

What Are My True Colors – A Modern Guide to Color Analysis

What Are My True Colors – A Modern Guide to Color Analysis is a color analysis booklet that you can reference from your iPhone or iPad. Rather than carry a color analysis kit with color drapes and/or seasonal color swatches with you to conduct a color consultation, show that you’re a cutting edge image consultant, personal stylist, and color consultant by showcasing color palettes for all types of personal coloring on your iPhone or iPad.  If your clients love it, you can sell them a hardcopy of the purse-size booklet to use while shopping or encourage them to purchase the eBook from us for reference on their smartphone or tablet.

UPDATED 2019 | What Are My True Colors – A Modern Guide to Color Analysis includes:

  • A brief introduction about color theory and the different types of color qualities – it’s not the seasons
  • Showcases individuals of different personal colorings from around the world
  • Features up-to-date, fashion forward clothing samples within the different color qualities to inspire you with wonderful ideas and examples to show your clients based on their personal coloring.
  • Best of all, you can showcase the booklet on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Or you can purchase the actual booklet in bulk and re-sell them to your clients during a color consultation.
  • The color palettes in this booklet serve as a tool to conduct online color analysis or in-person consultations – providing you with a modern day solution for the modern day woman.


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Click Here to purchase the electronic version of the What Are My True Colors booklet for use on iPad or computer for US$34.97 or click here to purchase the hard copy version.

Personal Style Consulting eCourse

The Personal Style Consulting eCourse is an image consultant and personal stylist training book  and training video that will teach you how to execute flawless personal style consultations for clients. In this eCourse, you will learn how to evaluate your client’s personality, physical appearance, lifestyle and goals to ensure that you project yourself as a credible image consultant and personal stylist.


UPDATED 2019 | The Personal Style Consulting eCourse includes:

  • A Personal Style Consultation Workbook, an instructional video tutorial on how to execute a personal style consultation, and a USB with a re-printable, professional workbook and client consultation assessment form to use with clients during the consultation
  • Use the client consultation forms to identify, categorize and determine your client’s personal style based on their personality, profession, lifestyle, activities, body type, personal coloring, and wardrobe preferences.
  • Use the Personal Style Consultation Workbook as a tool to conduct color, fashion style and body analysis consultations with clients.
  • Print the re-printable personal style consultation book to give to clients during a consultation – adding value to the service you provide
  • Watch the instructional video to learn how to: interview a client; evaluate a client’s personal coloring and identify optimal colors for hair, clothing and make-up; determine the client’s body type and make recommendations on clothing silhouettes that would best suit their figure; conduct a body analysis and determine the appropriate clothing style, cut, fit, color, fabric and pattern best suited for the client’s body shape, proportion, and facial features; and evaluate a client’s fashion style personality to dress them harmoniously according to their personal style.
  • Use this Personal Style Consulting eCourse to give client consultations or to learn more about your own personal style.
  • This image consultant and personal stylist training book and video is the theoretical foundation that determines the difference between being just a personal stylist and being an exceptionally trained personal stylist.
  • US$397 – electronic downloadable version

Click Here to purchase the electronic version of the Personal Style Consulting eCourse or click here to purchase the hard copy version.

Wardrobe Consulting eCourse

The Wardrobe Consulting eCourse has been developed to get you started in the wardrobe consulting and personal styling industry. Learn how to add value to your client consultations by showing the client how to mix and match their existing wardrobe, cluster outfits according to the artistic and scientific aspects of style, and create cohesive wardrobes for your clients.

The Wardrobe Consulting eCourse includes:

  • A training manual and 90-minute instructional video tutorial on how to perform an effective Wardrobe and Closet Audit and how to personal style a client within their closet.
  • How to organize a client’s closet and build a cohesive wardrobe
  • How to effectively interview and manage client expectations
  • How to evaluate and understand the needs of your client
  • Ways to solve various issues that arise during Wardrobe and Closet Audits
  • 4 types of Wardrobe and Closet Audits
  • Industry terminology for Wardrobe Consultations and beyond
  • US$297 – electronic downloadable version

Click Here to purchase the electronic version of the Wardrobe Consulting eCourse or click here to purchase the hard copy version.

Personal Shopping eCourse


The Personal Shopping eCourse will teach you the ins and outs of a personal styling and personal shopping career – all while saving you time, money, and hassle. Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Michelle T. Sterling offers her insider knowledge and expertise of the industry.  She shares her proven methodologies to becoming an asset to your clients when working with men and women. Start on the road to a successful personal styling and personal shopping career on your own time.

The Personal Shopping eCourse includes:

  • A training manual and 75-minute instructional video tutorial detailing a Personal Shopping Consultation
  • How to work with men and women as a personal shopper
  • Factors to consider when personal shopping and working with clients
  • How to understand your client in order to start shopping
  • How to interpret your client’s personal coloring
  • How to put looks together for your client according to their personal coloring, fashion style, personality, and lifestyle
  • The do’s and don’ts when shopping for men and women
  • US$297 – electronic downloadable version

Click Here to purchase the electronic version of the Personal Shopping eCourse or click here to purchase the hard copy version.

Personal Styling eCourse

The Personal Styling eCourse will teach you the crucial skill every personal stylist and personal shopper must master — putting together a Look Book for the client. Learn from one of the best in the industry how to present wardrobe recommendations to your client in a professional and cohesive manner.

The Personal Styling eCourse includes:

  • A video tutorial detailing the concepts and thought process behind creating a Look Book
  • Men’s and women’s customizable Look Book templates complete with instructions on how to use the template for your clients
  • A sample men’s case study Look Book featuring outfit selections for the client based on occasion and lifestyle – enabling you to see the final product
  • Detailed instructions on how to add on this service to your clients, how to bill clients for this service, as well as discussion of the organizational process and factors to consider when putting together a Look Book for clients in the professional arena
  • You will receive maximum benefit when you purchase this along with Personal Shopping
  • US$297 – electronic downloadable version

Click Here to purchase the electronic version of the Personal Styling eCourse or click here to purchase the hard copy version.

Upon purchasing any of our eShort Courses, please allow 24 hours for us to send you the downloadable link(s) to access the materials.
Purchases made over the weekend will be granted access on the first business day. 
All Sterling Style Academy training programs and eCourses are non-refundable and are billed through Global Image Group, Inc.

Our Image Consultant Sales, Marketing, and Business Brand Identity Launch Kit includes the following:

  • A video tutorial on how to use the Sales, Marketing and Business Brand Identity Launch Kit
  • Multiple image consultant press releases templates
  • Simply input your company information to make it your own
  • Sampleimage consultant sales pitches
  • This will help you determine the best way to approach your target customer
  • An image consultant business plan outline and worksheet with an earnings income projection model
  • An image consultant marketing plan outline and worksheet– tailored for the image consultant industry and includes today’s top marketing strategies
  • Sample business card, post card and brochure templates
  • Customize each template by inserting your information and organization’s colors and logo
  • Sample text to sell your image consultant business and services
  • Use in your sales collateral, website and direct-to-consumer materials
  • A 40-minute coaching session to discuss your current business growth needs and how to incorporate these materials to build your business (Please email us to schedule this appointment upon receipt of your launch kit.)

Learn how to promote and market yourself to become a successful image consultant in your country using the Sterling Style Academy methodology which has produced top-notch image consultants like Yuuri Takano, Japan’s leading image consultant of choice. Within the first three years of being in business for herself, Ms. Takano is among the top two percentile of highly paid image consultant and personal shopper salaries worldwide – earning more than US$250,000 per year.

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Within 24 – 48 hours of your purchase, you will receive electronic access to the materials.  Postage and handling for US or international delivery will be billed in addition to your investment outlined above. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for your package to arrive.  If you have not received your package in 4 weeks, please email us at to track your package.

All Sterling Style Academy training programs and consultant resources are non-refundable and are billed through Global Image Group. The templates from the Sterling Style Academy Sales, Marketing and Business Brand Identity Launch Kit can be translated into your primary language to suit your needs; however the Sales, Marketing and Business Brand Identity Launch Kit workbook can not be translated for reproduction without prior consent of the Sterling Style Academy.