• Online Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Training with Michelle T. Sterling >> During the COVID-19 situation, we are offering a fully instructor led 2-week image consultant and personal stylist training course online plus an additional week of guided independent study for practical skill set development for an investment of US$3797 to receive certification.
  • The Sterling Style Academy 5-Step Successful Style eCertification Program enables you to consult your clients using our revolutionary, industry tested + proven, eLearning Short Courses in order to execute excellent personal style, wardrobe, and personal shopping consultations and look books. >> Upon registration, you will receive a certificate as a Fashion & Style Consultant.
  • 3 & 5 Day Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Training Programs in New York, Paris, and Dubai >> The Sterling Style Academy’s 3-Day Short Certification Course and 5-Day Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Certification Program prepares you to become successful color consultants, fashion stylists, personal stylists and personal shoppers.
  • Our 7-Day Image Consultant Training Course is crafted with premier U.S. educational standards and offered in several fashion forward and culturally diverse cities in the world — New York, Milan, Paris, Beirut, Singapore, Riyadh and Dubai. >> During this weeklong immersive learning experience, students will be inspired by the buzz of some of the most exciting cities in the world!

Fashion Consultant Course ONLINE

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The Sterling Style Academy 5 Step Successful Style eCertification Program enables you to consult your clients using our revolutionary, industry tested + client results-proven, eLearning Short Courses in order to execute excellent real-world personal style consultations, wardrobe consultations, and personal shopping consultations and look books.  Our Fashion and Style Consultant eCertification program includes 5 eCourses + one-on-one online stylist training and mentoring for an investment of US$997. 

Learn how to conduct flawless Personal Style Consultations like an expert for just US$397.

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5-Week Online Business of Style Training + Coaching Program

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In just 5 weeks, you can launch and start to monetize your style savvy knowledge and training for just US$497. Turn step-by-step into action-by-action bypassing uncertainty and overwhelm as you build a business you love. Mentorship builds momentum. Take action today.

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Online Image Consultant Training - SPECIAL OFFER

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During the COVID-19 situation, we are offering a fully instructor led 2-week image consultant and personal stylist training course online beginning July 6 – 17, 2020 from 10:30am – 4:30pm Eastern Daylight Time PLUS an additional week of guided independent study for practical skill set development for an investment of US$3797 normally, however just for this session enroll for US$3297, to receive certification.  Or register for US$197 per module as you go.

Learn from industry professionals with global knowledge, expertise, and multi-cultural client experiences.  #stayhome #staysafe #beproductive

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  • “Michelle T. Sterling is truly the best image consultant and trainer there is in the industry. I registered for the online course since I was working in Corporate America at the time, however I had the opportunity to attend the Corporate Image Consultant training program in New York and see her work with a paying male client. From helping her pick outfits, to observing how she speaks to her clients, to learning how to deal with difficult sales associates, she’s the best! No wonder the client flew in from Detroit to meet with her, paid her $5000 for 1.5 days of her time, and he's a repeat client! I was there when he said hiring her for personal shopping services is a good use of his time and money — that he would spend hours online shopping just to get frustrated with incorrect colors, styles, fit, and dealing with returns. I’m Belgium - Swiss. I have high standards and so do her clients. Choose Sterling Style Academy.”

  • "The Sterling Style Academy online course is an intensive and very detailed program that provided me with more information then I could have imagined. I am very happy I decided to take the course with you rather than waste my money on some cheaper image consultant course because I am serious about turning this into a business. I can't thank you enough for all your guidance, support, and encouragement. You made my day everyday during this pandemic. I hope to be as good of an image consultant as you, Michelle T. Sterling, one day and make you proud. I already took a Fashion Styling course from a well known fashion institution in New York that was a complete waste of time and money. But with this course I am learning so much more and don’t feel like I’m wasting my money or my time. During the online course I learned how GCC Arab traditional dress for men and women can be perceived according to it’s design details and the image an individual projects. I feel like I'm taking a course with a Saudi but to American educational standards. I'm so grateful you taught me how to work with Saudi clients while I'm living in NY."

  • "I came to Sterling Style Academy having taken another course in India that truly missed the mark and disappointed me. In just 7 days with the Sterling Style Academy in Milan, I became a certified image consultant, personal stylist, and personal shopper, but I never expected to be constantly mentored, encouraged, and supported since the day I graduated in October 2018 until now. In 7 days, I learned what people study in India in six months to one year. I not only learned a lot of theory and how to apply the information to work with Indian clients, I also learned from someone who has also been my business mentor with so much industry knowledge and client expertise. There have been times when I wanted to give up, but Michelle T. Sterling has always been there to encourage me to keep going. This industry takes persistence, practice, and patience. I know I have the passion, superior training and knowledge, but she's also taught me how to become an entrepreneur. It was definitely worth the training investment."

  • "This course was truly amazing and exceeded my expectations! From it's advanced level of curriculum to the instructor's ability to assess and manage my adult learning process, Michelle T. Sterling truly understands how to build a world-class and real-world image consultant and personal stylist training program that doesn't miss any details! She's really intelligent, business savvy, an amazing instructor, and a talented coach. I love that she's so knowledgable of the Latin culture and speaks Spanish! Her step-by-step approach to training is intense and rigorous. However, now I feel confident that I've learned how to give my clients the best image consultations. With all the clients that will be coming to my med spa, I will be able to use what I learned and charge for consultations. Feeling truly grateful. Thank you so much. Look no further. I did all the research for you. This truly is the best image consultant training and personal stylist course out there and definitely in New York. "

Welcome to Sterling Style Academy

The Sterling Style Academy, based in New York with on-location training programs worldwide, is deemed to be one of the best image consultant courses in the world. We are an award-winning, top rated, internationally trusted image consultant training institution, with a proven track record for producing highly credible and influential image consultants, personal stylists and personal shoppers from the U.S., Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Having trained renown pioneers within the industry that span 6 continents, you will truly gain a global perspective on how to start a business to how to generate income within your first month after training with our founder who is one of the top image consultants in the world.  Click here to watch candid videos regarding what students say about our program.

If you are motivated with the ambition to succeed, we’ll help you formulate a unique business that incorporates your distinct skill sets with becoming an image consultant, personal stylist and personal shopper. We will help you identify your passion and your purpose to brand you in the marketplace.  Being your own Personal Brand is essential to becoming an influential entrepreneur and coach.

Learn the importance of influence at the Sterling Style Academy.

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Image Consultant, Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper Training Programs
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Certified Image Stylist Group Certification

If you want to become a successful image consultant, fashion consultant, style consultant, fashion stylist, personal stylist and personal shopper, the Sterling Style Academy is the internationally recognized luxury and high street | fast fashion brand leader in certifying and preparing men and women for success in the image, fashion and style industries. We are the image consultant training, personal stylist course and personal shopper training division fashion school of The Certified Image Stylist Group.    #ProducingTalentedStylists       #ProducingCelebirtyGrads     #BeOurNextSuccessStory  Hire an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Milan, Lebanon, Dubai, Jeddah or New Delhi.

With courses offered around the world and as well as online, the Sterling Style Academy’s stellar alumni and diversified presence positions the academy as a globally trusted and accredited leader in providing comprehensive personal stylist and image consultant training. All training programs are designed to help our graduates develop and enhance the skills they need to build, maintain, and cultivate a thriving business.

Therefore our academy is committed to providing the most comprehensive image consultant training and personal shopper courses worldwide. We have invested years in developing the highest caliber of AICI universally accepted, contemporary quality curriculum – aligning modern technical and practical aspects of style with your unique creative abilities. With training programs held on-location in New York, Dubai, Miami, London, Paris, Milan, Beirut, Riyadh, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Singapore as well as Online, you will be sure to find the image consultant training course that suits your needs. Join the elite group of Sterling Style Academy Certified Image Consultants, Personal Stylists, and Personal Shoppers from more than 65 different countries. If you are passionate about pursuing your dreams of becoming an image consultant, personal stylist or personal shopper, we encourage you to review our website, blog, informational videos, Facebook, Instagram and photo gallery, and take your next step toward achieving your goals.

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Daniela DiGiacomo


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Dzigbordi K. Doso


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Hala Al Harity

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Lucy Samuelian

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Our “eCertification” and “On Location” Fashion School Service Areas

We Provide Both Online eCertifications and On Location Certification Classes to Include Fashion Consultant, Fashion and Style Consultant, Fashion School for Stylists, Image Consultants & Stylists, Color Analysis Tools, Wardrobe Consulting, Personal Shopping, Personal Styling, Image Consultant, Marketing Kit Online Training Webinars, Short Fashion and Art eCourses, 3 Day & 5 Day Personal Styling Training & Personal Shopping Courses in New York, L.A., Dubai, Milan, Paris, Beirut, & Singapore 7-Day Image Consultant Training Course in New York, Miami, Milan, Paris, London, Lebanon, Dubai, Riyadh & SingaporeOnline Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Training Certification Program, Online Personal Stylist Training Instructor Led Certification Program

Fashion, Art, Style & Image Classes with Certifications Throughout the World to Include the Following Service Areas: Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE, Riyadh, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Doha Qatar, Beirut Lebanon, Paris, Singapore, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Manila Philippines, India, London, UK, Canada, United States and Throughout the World.