About Us

The Sterling Style Academy is an internationally recognized, award winning, stylist school and stylist school online that prepares men and women for success as an image consultant, fashion consultant and style consultant. Upon completing the Sterling Style Academy program, our students are certified and poised to become the best image consultants, the best personal stylists, and the best personal shoppers worldwide.

Our stylist school and stylist school online will demonstrate a step-by-step process for you to obtain and retain clients, give you the confidence to charge for consultations, and the skills necessary to grow a business.  Our stylist school and stylist school online teach students how to successfully build a real business in the real world.  We will educate, support, and encourage you on how to develop a digital business as well as well as a fashion network.  Upon registering for our course, you’ll definitely feel it was worth your time and money because we deliver results.        

The Academy’s renowned, award-winning faculty and comprehensive curriculum focuses on providing the high-level training and tools our students need to become skilled professionals and experts within the image consultant and stylist industry. Our courses are offered in different cities throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia — New York, Miami, Paris, Milan, Singapore, Beirut, Dubai, as well as online year-round.

Our culturally diversified students hone their skills in creative expression, critical analysis, effective decision-making and communication. With the superb training and education at the Sterling Style Academy, our graduates become highly regarded fashion consultants, style consultants, image consultants, fashion stylists, personal stylists and personal shoppers.

Apply to the Sterling Style Academy today.  Be on your way toward becoming the best image consultant and stylist in your country while you benefit from our mentorship.  Think and grow big.