Alumni Testimonials

When selecting an image consultant, personal shopper and personal stylist training program, we know you value the thoughts of our graduates and have therefore featured some of their comments regarding our programs for you here.  

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Education is an investment. Getting small group focused training is like receiving private coaching; personalized attention that meets your learning needs even if it ends at 10:30pm.✨ . So many institutions can say they teach the same curriculum. And you, as the consumer, will have trouble deciphering the difference by just reading a website thinking accreditation is the determining factor.🤔 . Ultimately it comes down to the quality and reputation of the trainer that you receive training from. You’ll never truly know just by reading the website these days but when you hear candid feedback of our students during a course, you should be able to make a decision. Check out our story highlights to hear more feedback.✨ . So many people enroll into training these days based on price, or because they just want to try something out, or because of location, or personal interest. Then it’s understandable if you don’t want to invest a lot in training.✨ . However if you’re serious about learning the technical aspects of style while also understanding how to incorporate it into a real-world business that can combine your multiple interests in fashion to create a brand called YOU, then making one good investment in a course is better than taking multiple cheap courses if you can afford it.✨ . Ultimately your success depends on what you do with the knowledge and how well you market yourself. That’s all about developing your personal brand. ✨ . Your success is our success in mentoring you to reach your goals.✨ . . . . . #learning #learningisfun #learnsomething #learntoloveyourself #fashioneducation #styleeducation #istanbulfashion #madeinturkey #berlin #germany #geneva #prague #ukraine #greece #athens #paris #streetstyle #streetfashion #londonfashion #hongkong #singapore #jakarta #vietnam #kualalumpur #femaleentrepreneur #femaleempowerment #newdelhi #mumbai #entrepreneurship #investinyourself

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“Wow. I hope someday I’m as good of an image consultant as you (to be able to look at a person’s outfit and know what they do for a living and where they are from). I already took a Fashion Styling course from a well known fashion institution in New York, but with this course I am learning so much more and don’t feel like I’m wasting my money or my time. Thank you so much.” A.M. – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Over the last two days of the online course we have discussed how GCC Arab traditional dress for men and women can be perceived according to it’s design details and the image an individual projects. The Sterling Style Academy is well versed in understanding many cultures worldwide and how they express themselves through fashion and the clothing they wear. However our training programs are particularly chosen by many Arabs and Latin Americans to fulfill their image consultant and personal stylist needs. Many people from India and South Africa have also come to us with interest in taking our programs however the concern is often the training investment. Therefore we offer you the best of both worlds by enrolling into our Online Image Consultant Training course. Not only can we teach you how to be an excellent fashion image consultant and personal stylist, we are also able to teach you how to become a corporate image consultant and soft skills trainer.💥 As image consulting often begins as a home based business, what better way to learn how to become an image consultant than by learning it at home during this pandemic. 🌏 . . . . #beproductive #stayhome #onlineeducation #onlineimageconsultant #becomeanimageconsultant #fashionconsultant #stylist #personalstylist #fashionstylist #onlineboutique #thebusinessoffashion #fashioneducation #fashionbusiness #fashionconsultancy #fashiongirl #shopaholic #onlineshopping #onlinefashion #onlinebusiness #fashionbusiness #fashionconsultancy #riyadh #saudiarabia #ksa #jeddah #mydubai #dubaifashion #saudistyle #doha #qatar #kuwait #singapore

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Many times people don’t follow through on things out of fear, concern, negative self talk, etc. 💬 . They lack confidence in their ability to succeed, be judged by others, and one of the hardest things about the image and fashion industry is how we judge ourselves on how we look and feel.💭 . Do you ever notice yourself saying, “I just need to loose a bit more weight.” And it doesn’t matter what weight you are, you’re still always thinking of that GOAL weight.💭 . Well that was one of Arunima’s hindering factors in getting started and I’m sure there are many who can relate to the fear of putting themselves out there.💬 . These questions may loom in your mind. 1) Why would someone want to listen to what I have to say? 2) How can I be different than others? 3) What are they going to think of me and my outfit?💬 . When Arunima stopped watching others and over thinking, stopped being concerned about her own body and accepted it for what it is (and she continues to work on it), and then she started doing the work to put herself out there is when you finally get momentum and channel your own passions rather than living through the passion of others.✅ . If you catch yourself asking why does she have so many likes, followers, and look at her outfit, she’s in fashion? The reason why these people have all these things is because they are not so concerned about others and they focus on generating ideas that make them happy, shine, and connect with others in their own ways. ✅ . You too can put yourself out there and attract your own tribe. Just take action and quiet your internal negative voices. ✨💫⭐️ . . . . . . #femaleentrepreneur #womensupportingwomen #clientlove #selfisolation #quarrantine #businesswoman #businessowner #marketingstrategy #brandstrategy #brandidentity #businessideas #businesscoach #fashionmentor #marketingtips #digitalmarketingtips #fashionblogger #fashionstyle #fashiongram #fashionblog #styleblogging #styleicon #styleinspired #stylediary #styleaddict #indianfashionblogger #outfitideas #lookstyle #fashioncourse #stylecourses #onlinecourses

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Meet one of our latest 5 day course graduates in New York. She’s Mexican living in Texas. She enjoyed the course so much she’s upgrading her certificate in October to the 7 day image consultant course and enrolling her daughter as well! So many people call us the Sterling Academy so that’s why she had to refer to her training manual to say the name right. 👍🏼 . We know that she will without a doubt be successful because she already has a large client base to pull from and we worked on her business plan during the last day. So rather than say goodbye and best of luck, we’ll say see you soon! And don’t forget to practice! ✈️ . Slide right to hear what else she has to say about our course. ▶️ . . . NEW YORK OCTOBER 2019 7 Day Image Consultant, Personal Stylist & Shopper Course: October 24 – 30, 2019 Registration Closes on September 6, 2019 NEW YORK DECEMBER 2019 7 Day Image Consultant, Personal Stylist & Shopper Course: December 1 – 7, 2019 5 Day Personal Stylist & Shopper Course: December 1 – 5, 2020 3 Day Color, Styling & Shopping Course: December 2 – 4, 2020 Registration Closes on October 6, 2019 . . . . . . #personalstylist #personalstyleblog #personalshopping #personalshopper #personalstyle #styling #shopping #getthelook #investinyourself #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #medspa #beautyinfluencer #beautyindustry #beautygirl #beautycare #imagen #asesoradeimagen #imagenpersonal #moda #estilo #ropa #mexicocity #mexico #mexican #texan #plasticsurgeon #wifey #ceo #momlife

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We would also like to introduce to you, Sterling Style Academy Alumni, Debra Ovall.  Get the insider scoop on the Sterling Style Academy from this 2009 graduate as she shares her image consultant training experience with you. Debra had the unique opportunity to take both our online and on-location courses. Not only does her testimonial discuss her road blocks in becoming an image consultant, it also explains how she overcame her concerns through the mentoring of our training director, Image Consultant Michelle T. Sterling.  Since Debra has graduated we have changed the way we conduct our online image consultant training courses so that they are more in line with our in-class training experience.

As a certified image consultant based out of the Washington DC Metropolitan area, Debra touches and empowers the lives of others – helping them to develop and maintain their undeniable personal style. Uncovering each client’s potential, Debra guides them through a process to help them put their best look forward. Debra understands the importance of looking good and how that directly relates to a positive self image. Having a positive self image can give you the boost you need to go after life’s opportunities and dreams. Her clients have one thing in common; they have decided to make a personal investment in themselves. They realize the way they look represents who they are from the inside out.

Next join some of the April 2010 graduates of the 2.5 Week Image Consultant Training Program in New York and see what they have to say about the Sterling Style Academy.

“My experience at Sterling Style Academy exceeded all of my expectations. When I enrolled in the 2.5-week program, I was preparing to launch my own business, Miss Helen’s Image Consulting, and I knew that I wanted to be educated by the best in the industry. Ms. Sterling provided me with comprehensive technical skills, business strategies, pricing schemes and, above all, confidence. Each topic was thoroughly explained using videos, demonstrations, and hands-on interaction with clients. Her ability to work collaboratively with the class while teaching each lesson quickly and effectively was outstanding.

My experience at the Sterling Style Academy was most rewarding and I feel that I now have the confidence and the direction to move forward with my own career. Ms. Sterling, herself, is most knowledgeable, she presents well, and she is extremely dedicated to her program. I have, indeed, learned from the best in the business!

Helen MacGillivray
Sterling Style Academy
Certified Image Consultant Graduate

Since Helen’s graduation in April 2010, she has developed a lovely website, blog, and internet radio talk show that is both informative as well as engaging to prospective clients – leading them to hire her.  We congratulate her on all her achievements within her first year of business.  Now that is what we call a go-getter and we wish Helen much success in her future endeavors!

To hear about our other student’s experiences during the 2.5 week training program in New York, please watch their video testimonial below. These two ladies from Nigeria loved our program so much they enrolled in our Corporate Image Consultant Training Program in Las Vegas in September 2010 as well.

Increase your business success with the Sterling Style Academy Image Consultant Sales, Marketing, and Business Brand Identity Launch Kit. It has helped students like Helen to successfully be prepared to launch their business in this exciting industry. You too can be the Sterling Style Academy’s next success story!

Next we would like to introduce to you, Yekatherina Bruner. As a current student enrolled in the online image consultant training program, Yekatherina shares her experience with you as a Sterling Style Academy online student.  Rather than waiting to complete her online training before starting her business, Yeka decided she could do both at the same time.  For more information about Yekatherina, please visit her website at

Yekatherina’s true passion is helping women express when they dress. A dedicated and highly-sought after image consultant and owner of YK Studio L.L.C., she has recently been named as a Glamour Magazine “Glambassador” for 2009 and has been awarded with the “Rising Star Award” from the Sterling Style Academy in San Francisco. A world citizen, Yekatherina’s global travels and living experiences have shaped her culturally-diverse approach to style.

Yekatherina helps women realize their full potential by teaching them how to shop strategically and acquire a wardrobe most appropriate for their lifestyle, personality, and body type. Her intuitive love for quality design shines in her master selection of fabric, color, and style that allows for genuine expression and enhances the unique qualities of each woman she works with. Her rarified talent extends to pulling together outfits that help women exude confidence and joy.

Through meeting with clients individually, Yekatherina can professionally remove closet “trauma” and replace it with closet “bliss.” The journey begins with “editing” – selectively removing non-flattering styles and colors, then she “shops” the closet discovering looks you never knew you owned. She enthusiastically arranges “personal shopping therapy” experiences that transform her clients from head-to-toe, including make-up, hairstyle, accessories, and complete outfits.

In addition to her love for style, Yekatherina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and International Relations from Universidad Externado de Colombia, in South America. She is a native of Colombia and lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband and two young daughters.

Ferosa George, originally from South Africa, currently residing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia comments on our 3-Day Short Course in Dubai and Online Certification Program on our Facebook.

“Every fashion diva should flutter and lust after not only the 3 day short course in Dubai but any course offered by Sterling Style Academy. I did the online Image Consulting course over 2 yrs and the 3-day short course in Dubai brought it all together for me. It’s inspiring to work with Michelle and it motivated me to go out and thr…ow fashion tantrums because I feel so empowered by what I learnt. Only problem is, I feel like a female version of Tim Gunn with a bit of Coco Chanel sprinkled in here and there, attitude and all. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing because I’d rather feel like Heidi Klum but I’m intent on saving all the fashion victims of the world, first stop…Saudi Arabia. That’s a challenge in itself but Michelle created a fashion femme fatale that’s ruthless about not only blazing trails in the fashion world, but about living the dream that I’m passionate about. In my case, the devil didn’t make me do it…Michelle did.”

Esther Henze, from Cologne, Germany comments about our 4-Week Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Certification Program in New York.

“Hello.  I am on my way to the airport and sad to leave New York, however there are new challenges waiting for me back home.  Thank you for providing us with an excellent training program.  I had a great time and feel well prepared for whatever comes.”

Katty Lopez-De Gull from Caracas, Venezuela comments about our 4-Week Image Consultant & Personal Stylsit Certification Program in New York.

“I attended the 4 Week Image Consultant Certification Program in New York in 2010 and the training was a fully comprehensive and intense experience. Being Latin, at first I was skeptical as to whether or not the Sterling Style Academy was a real institution and I needed to be certain it was established and accredited.  However after seeing the level of detail within the course prospectus, website and blog, I felt the program was of value and a good training investment.  When watching Michelle Sterling’s videos, she seemed confident, credible, and knowledgeable in the field of image consulting.  She made me feel comfortable about my decision to attend Sterling Style Academy.  Despite the language barrier, the Sterling Style Academy training program exceeded my expectations.  I learned more than was described in the course prospectus. I am glad that I took this class because it adds important value to my image consulting skills and to my resume. I mastered the science and art behind working with different body types, personal coloring, fashion styles, business attire and lifestyles.  My overall training experience has allowed me to work with a wider variety of clients, to make them feel confident of working with me, so that they can see a quicker return of their investment.  Looking back after taking further educational courses, I still think the Sterling Style Academy was the best educational investment of excellent value – providing me with the most complete training to prepare myself to become a professional in the industry.”

Dzigbordi K. Dosoo, CEO and Founder, Allure Africa Limited, and the host of The Dzigbordi Show in Ghana, Africa comments on our 2.5-Week Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Certification Program in Miami.

“Sterling Style Academy’s Train to Become an Image Consultant Program is a uniquely developed course for potentials who are only looking to be the BEST in the area of Personal Styling, Personal Shopping and Image Consulting. I am privileged to be one of the graduates of this program and I can definitely say that my experience was intense yet fun and I was challenged intellectually with every single topic covered. After researching various other training programs, I selected the Sterling Style Academy because it sets itself apart by creating an environment of structure, sophistication, superb interaction and practicality, and I could relate to the founder. You will walk away knowing that you have actually been in school, done research and worked in the field at the same time.  It’s an awesome feeling of confidence. Michelle Sterling is truly a fashion, image and shopping expert with a wealth of knowledge regarding the industry worldwide. Her excellent abilities to facilitate and teach training programs will make you stand out as an image consultant and personal stylist upon graduating from the program.  Hats off to the Sterling Style Academy.  If you want to succeed – choose Sterling!”

Luigina Campos from Costa Rica propelled her image consulting business in Costa Rica to the next level upon taking our Curso Intensivo de Personal Shopper y Personal Styling: 3 Días en Español en Miami in 2015.

Luigina Campos“Estoy muy agradecida con el curso de asesoría de color y estilo ya que he podido ponerlo en práctica con mis clients, actualmente he tenido más de 10 clientes solo en el mes de mayo, todas están muy interesadas en ser asesoradas por mi persona por el gran conocimiento que he adquirido y por estar respaldada por un Instituto tan prestigioso como Sterling Style Academy. Este curso ha consolidado aún más mi experiencia de más de 5 años y ha sido un gran complemento para aplicarlo como Personal Shopper, me ha abierto la visión a un mundo de mayores posibilidades, todo con el fin de poder seguir embelleciendo y empoderando más mujeres tanto a nivel nacional como internacional. Mi meta siguiente será realizar el personal shopper en Miami con mis clientes de Costa Rica, todo gracias al excelente apoyo de su Instituto.”