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Sterling Style Academy Graduates WorkThe Sterling Style Academy is an internationally recognized training institution that has helped many individuals worldwide start their own successful companies as well as has helped many women to secure jobs as a personal shopper in department stores.  Many of our graduates worldwide have had their own TV shows.  Therefore, yes our certification is recognized by the high end institutions who choose to work with us and select our students to work with them such as Net-A-Porter in Asia, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Harvey Nichols.  The image consultant industry is not a regulated industry; therefore there is no formal accreditation within the industry that is recognized by prospective clients as the source to select and hire an image consultant unlike being a doctor, lawyer or realtor. Therefore each image consultant training program is only as good as how successful their students have become.


As a member of the Association for Talent Development, the Sterling Style Academy certification program applies the techniques and best business practices adopted by successful businesses to develop a unique set of systems for delivering our educational training program.  Our time tested systems have proven to be effective and this is why our students consistently achieve the high standards required by the industry.  Our courses are structured to meet the standards and requirements defined by educational organizations and professional associations worldwide.

AICI Certified Image Consultant Certification (AICI CIC)

As the image consultant industry is not regulated, the Sterling Style Academy courses were developed almost 20 years ago in accordance to the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) industry standards and guidelines and continue to be updated according to generally accepted industry standards and based on real world client experiences. As the industry is not regulated, we do not believe it is necessary to provide continuing education units (CEUs) to show accreditation for our programs as the strength of our brand and educational content alone have produced some of the most highly visible image consultants in the industry who have succeeded on this platform. Therefore while our graduates are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to pass the AICI First Level Certified Image Consultant Certification Exam, it is the strength of the Sterling Style Academy educational training, mentoring, and business development program that has produced stellar consultants who earn top dollar in the industry through positioning themselves as experts in the industry. When you invest in a personalized, top quality training program and you can expect to receive top quality training by industry experts who are on the forefront of innovation and in a position to train others to be successful entrepreneurs. Our graduates have gone on to be emulated as successful TV or radio show hosts, authors, and key note speakers rather than emulate. Therefore the education that you receive at the Sterling Style Academy is equivalent to the education you would receive at a private school in the U.S. that provides elite, outstanding training programs of excellence.

Certified Image Stylist Group (CIS)

Upon graduation, an invitation into The Certified Image Stylist Group grants you access to work among a select group of globally diversified image stylists who are part of an internationally recognized brand.  Established by Michelle T. Sterling, the Certified Image Stylist Group provides image consulting and personal stylist expertise to clients worldwide.


As a member of IFB, the Sterling Style Academy certification program helps you apply fashion blogger techniques and best business Internet practices in order to successfully market your business as an Instagram influencer or on the web.  Learn how to create your own fashion blog and have people notice and hire you for your talents.