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As a prospective student or graduate of the Sterling Style Academy, we know one of your largest concerns is how am I going to get clients.  Therefore the Sterling Style Academy has devised a viable online marketing tool for you to get clients, help you market your services, and position yourself with credibility by becoming a member of the Certified Image Stylist Group.

The Certified Image Stylist Group is exclusively comprised of only Sterling Style Academy graduates who are invited to join the group because they have demonstrated high standards of excellence and creativity during training.  This is not an organization or an association of stylists; it is a membership directory of stellar Sterling Style Academy graduates.  We know it takes time to create your company marketing materials.  By becoming a member, you can start marketing yourself immediately upon graduation and run your own company too!

The Certified Image Stylist Group Home Page

The benefits of membership for graduates are the following:

  • You will receive your own customizable webpage / blog to showcase your own individual talents
  • In addition to having a fully comprehensive online social media profile, membership provides you with a platform to actively internet market your services, establish yourself with credibility, and close business
  • Simply enter your name, contact details, a professional photo and bio, and links to your social media accounts and you’re ready to sell your services
    • If you’ve taken the 5-Day, 2.5 Week, 4 Week, or Online Certification Program you should have all this information available upon completion of certification
    • If you have your own individual website, blog, logo, and business card, feel free to upload that information as well; however this information is not necessary to be a member
  • Best of all, this page can function as your blog, or use it as you would Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest to post updates, photos and videos
  • And lastly, this website already markets your services, quotes a range of fees for you, and also showcases any press you’ve been featured in
  • Therefore if you’re a new graduate and do not have any marketing materials, use this platform as you would your own website.  You can always add more information later.

Upon registering for membership, you will receive:Sample Certified Image Stylist Member Page

  1. Your membership login information
  2. A marketing brief on how to use this site to sell your services
  3. A tutorial about how to upload your information and your posts
  4. As well as receive the rights to use the Certified Image Stylist logo for your marketing materials
  5. And use the professional designation of CIS after your name for professional credibility

If your website does not generate enough traffic, the Certified Image Stylist website will help you generate more traffic.  If it’s taking you too long to create a logo, develop your business card, or create a website, this can function as your online business marketing website and is a more powerful tool than using Facebook or LinkedIn.  Or if you’ve already established your brand, use your membership to meet like-minded individuals, share best practices, and make new friends worldwide while also benefiting from the strength of the Sterling Style Academy brand.  And who knows, you may become a Reality TV Star; casting companies often come to the Sterling Style Academy to discover the next Rachel Zoe!

We are the only organization who truly supports and encourages the success of our alumni much like receiving the benefits of a Harvard Business School MBA.

Membership invitations are granted to Sterling Style Academy graduates who have demonstrated excellence during training, who are in good standing with the Academy, and  who have received a certificate for the 3 or 5 Day Short Course, 5 Day Corporate Image Consultant Training Program, 2.5 Week Certification Program, and 4 Week Certification Program.  Graduates of the Online Certification Program may only become members if you  have attended some in-class courses.

We offer two types of membership – Basic Membership and Premium Membership

Basic Membership is a first time investment of US$447 which includes the one time set up fee of establishing your profile.  Annual membership renewal is US$275.

Premium Membership includes the Basic Membership; however if you would like to be listed in more than one country – each country listing is a one- time US$25 fee per country.  If you would like to be a “Featured Stylist,” that would be an additional investment of US$150.

You’ve already invested in your education and for just US$447 you will have your own web blog ready for you to use to market your services while you set up your website and best of all, there is no need to create a blog because you can use this page as your blog! Membership renewal is only US$275 annually which is only US$25 a month.

So what are you waiting for, if you are a Sterling Style Academy graduate, become a member of the Certified Image Stylist Group today.

First Year Membership (includes being listed in 1 country or location) – US$447
Annual Membership Renewal – US$275
Additional Countries or Locations –  US$25 per country or location
To be a Featured Stylist – US$150 per year


Membership FeeQuantity
First Year MembershipUS$447.00
Annual Membership RenewalUS$275.00
Additional CountriesUS$25.00 per country
Featured StylistUS$150.00


You will receive a non-refundable charge on your credit card from Global Image Group, Inc.