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From the authors of the Image Consultant Sales, Marketing, Business Brand Identity Launch Kit, the Sterling Style Academy would like to present our HOW-TO GUIDE SERIES for just US$12.97. In Volume 1

Why You Need a Los Angeles (LA) Personal Stylist!
Sterling Style Academy • January 15, 2016 • No Comments

An LA Personal Stylist may alleviate some stress from your everyday life! How can this be accomplished? Getting the expertise of an LA Personal Stylist will help you dress well according to your

How to Become a Fashion Blogger and Create a Successful Fashion Blog
Sterling Style Academy • January 05, 2016 • No Comments

Becoming a Fashion Blogger and Instagram Personal Shopper has really evolved over the last 10 years. Some who started 10 years ago have really become top fashion bloggers with many

How To Become an Image Consultant | Sterling Style Academy
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It is unrealistic to think that since you can cook in your own home, you can open a Michelin star restaurant. Exactly the same pertains to becoming an image consultant. As

Choosing Your Image Consultant Training
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Image consulting is a hot topic around the world‐‐all parts of society are seeking an image consultant to alter how they look and feel. An increasing number of people are

What You Will Learn From A Personal Styling Training Course | Sterling Style Academy
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The Process of Being Your Own Personal Stylist Whenever you believe that it's time for you to give your wardrobe an overhaul, you typically consult some fashion magazines (on the internet and

Give the Gift of Image Consultancy – Dubai Training
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What is an Image Consultant? Am amazing image consultant is an individual who has true insight into other people; they have an understanding of people’s needs, desires, goals, and dreams, and

Men’s Personal Style Consultant Workbook
Sterling Style Academy • September 21, 2015 • No Comments

Many of our personal stylist, wardrobe consulting and image consultant graduates have noted significant growth in the number of male clients they have and with the luxury menswear market growing

The Sterling Style Academy 2016 In-Class Training Schedule
Sterling Style Academy • August 21, 2015 • No Comments

Have you been waiting for years to attend the Sterling Style Academy? Are you ready to take that first step into a stylish new future in 2016? The Sterling Style Academy

The Coveted Stylist Training Program
Sterling Style Academy • August 19, 2015 • No Comments

Are you passionately interested in becoming a fashion or style consultant? Do you want to create a part time job for yourself, one that you’re truly passionate about but have

Personal Stylist School
Sterling Style Academy • August 14, 2015 • No Comments

Individuals interested in a career as a personal stylist, personal shopper or image consultant often ask us what Personal Stylist School entails. They wonder what the classes will be like

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