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From the authors of the Image Consultant Sales, Marketing, Business Brand Identity Launch Kit, the Sterling Style Academy would like to present our HOW-TO GUIDE SERIES for just US$12.97. In Volume 1

How to Become a Fashion Blogger | Dubai Blogger Training Program | Dubai Fashion Workshop – Fashion Blogger Online Training
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Are you addicted to Instagram? Do you love fashion, style, clothing, accessories, and beauty? Do you love being the focal point of a photo? Then you’re the perfect candidate to

5 Style Icons From Hollywood to Inspire Stylists
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(image: The Huffington Post) Celebrities don’t achieve their immaculate looks that they exhibit on the red carpet all by themselves. As the fashion industry expands its reach and people have more

Fashion Entrepreneur Business Academy Tips
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Whether you’re a fashion blogger, style blogger, fashion designer, or existing life coach or fashion entrepreneur, the business landscape for fashion related businesses is changing. So how do you remain

LA Personal Stylist Training – Calling Fashion Bloggers, Fashion Designers, & Boutique Owners
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Do you want to become an LA personal stylist? If you have worked in retail before, own a boutique, or just simply love fashion and have a fashion blog, becoming a

Asesora de Imagen Servicios en Bogotá Colombia Con Mile Jiménez
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Mile Jiménez | Estilista Personal, Asesora de Color, Estilo y Moda en Bogotá Colombia | Personal Stylist
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Mile Jiménez | Estilista Personal, Asesora de Color, Estilo y Moda en Bogotá Colombia | Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper INTRODUCCION Acompaño mis clientes en el desarrollo de una imagen externa optima

The Trendy Image Consultant: Why the Sterling Style Academy is No Longer Part of AICI
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Hi. I'm Michelle Sterling, founder of the Sterling Style Academy. I started my business in my 20s and since then my business has evolved and taken me on different twists and

How Do Fashion Bloggers Make Money? Through multiple streams of income! Become a Certified Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper
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Are you a fashion blogger and would like multiple streams of income? Become a certified personal stylist and personal shopper! What's the benefit of having multiple streams of income? When one

Curso de Asesora de Moda, Estilo Personal, y Personal Shopping en Bogota Colombia
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Estamos muy emocionados de estar en Colombia para compartir nuestro conocimiento de 15 años de experiencia en la industria de la Consultoría  de Imagen formando  celebridades latinoamericanas como Hemos seleccionado

Corso Consulente di Immagine Milano Italia e Corso Personal Shopper #Milano #Italia
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Vuoi diventare consulente di imagine certificato e personal shopper? Now more than ever projecting the right image is of the most importance for personal and professional success. Pertanto, se vuoi diventare

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