The Sterling Style Academy 4 Week Image Consultant & Personal Stylist Certification Program Experience in New York – August 2011
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • June 18, 2011 • No Comments

If you’ve always wanted to be an image consultant, personal shopper or personal stylist and can relate to Rebecca Bloomfield in “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” the Registration for our

Why Does One Decide to Pursue a Career as an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, or Personal Shopper? See What the Sterling Style Academy’s Training Director, Michelle T. Sterling, has to say about it.
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • April 26, 2011 • No Comments

In a relatively young and new industry such as image consulting there is so much opportunity there to create a name and a niche for  yourself, however it all really

IMAGE CONSULTANCY & PERSONAL STYLING: The Fastest Growing, Fashion Focused Career for Women in Dubai and throughout the Middle East
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • April 07, 2011 • No Comments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE As more job opportunities have opened up for women in the Middle East, one perpetual thought for fashion focused women is to become an image consultant and personal

What’s Hot in Dubai: Becoming an Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist – Find Out About Training Certification
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • March 17, 2011 • No Comments

Dubai is the global hot spot where fashion meets fabulous! Wake up to a beautiful city that is glamorous, modern, and vibrant. Spend your days learning about image, fashion, and

You Are the Go-To Fashion Expert Among Your Peers – Learn How to Start Making Money Being a Fashionista
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • October 15, 2010 • 5 Comments

The Sterling Style Academy, is now offering 3-day courses in New York, London, and Dubai on color analysis, fashion styling, and personal shopping.  As New York, London, and Dubai are the

Launch Your Career in World Travel and Fashion – Enroll in the World Traveler(TM) Program for Jet Setting Personal Shoppers and Personal Stylists
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • October 11, 2010 • 4 Comments

The Sterling Style Academy offers The Sterling Style Academy is the first and only image consultant training program to offer the World Traveler(TM) Program to prepare personal shoppers and personal

New Career in a New Year – Train to Become an Image Consultant or Personal Shopper with the Sterling Style Academy in 2011
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • October 02, 2010 • 4 Comments

Is it your dream to travel the globe to all the fashion capitals and work with jet setting clients just like yourself?  Enroll in the We offer yet another New

Master the Art of International Image Consulting and Global Personal Shopping with the Sterling Style Academy’s World Traveller Programme TM
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • August 22, 2010 • No Comments

Today, savvy business professionals and the social elite are world travellers and are well versed in the global market place.  As a graduate of the Sterling Style Academy's Image Consultant and Personal Shopper World Traveller Programme,

New York Image Consultant Training | Sterling Style Academy Student Testimonials
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • April 21, 2010 • 4 Comments

Inside the classroom at the Sterling Style Academy Image Consultant Training Program in New York.   As our 2.5 Week New York Image Consultant Training program comes to a close, we invite you

From the Dressing Room to the Classroom with Image Consultant Michelle T. Sterling, Sterling Style Academy Training Director
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • March 31, 2010 • No Comments

Join Image Consultant Michelle T. Sterling as she takes you from the dressing room as the Founder of

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