How to Become a Personal Shopper

Shopping Living the Life in the Fast LanePersonal Shopping is a fabulous career that allows you to shop, has career growth potential, and is quite rewarding. Your schedule can change day to day. One minute you could be at a sample sale scrounging for that Hermes unique find and the next you could be analyzing your client’s closet only to find that you need to take a trip to Saks before the day’s end.

Prior to making an investment in yourself to become a personal shopper, here are some things you should consider to ensure your success in the person shopping industry:

1. Make a Self- Assessment: When deciding to pursue a new career you should always analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and interests. The following are some questions you might want to ask yourself:
a. Do you have a passion for personal shopping?
b. Are you fashion savvy or have the desire to become fashion savvy?
c. Could you shop for someone other than yourself?
d. Why is personal shopping the career for you?

2. Know Your Industry: Having an innate talent for fashion and being able to style others is a plus however not a must to become a successful personal shopper. If are you passionate about helping others to help themselves through image, fashion and style, inevitably you will be successful. It is always important to stay abreast of new trends in the industry. Keep apprised of the season’s must-haves from fashion magazines such as Vogue, InStyle and Harper’s Bazaar. Now would also be a good time to decide what you enjoy shopping for: clothes, home furnishings, groceries, etc.? Once you decide on your niche in the industry and comfort level, assess the pros and cons of- and specific requirements for- becoming that type of personal shopper.What are my goals and dreams?

3. Make a Commitment and Set Clear Goals: Do you want to get work experience at a retailer such as Saks Fifth Avenue? Do you want formal training so that you can be an independent personal shopper? Where do you see yourself in two years?

4. Consider Personal Shopper Training: While formal training is not required to become a personal shopper, it is recommended. Training can give you the tools, contacts and credibility you need to penetrate the personal shopper industry independently or secure a job.
The following are a variety of ways that you can get training and experience in the personal shopper industry:
a) Work for a large retailer as a personal shopper
b) Train with an established shopper
c) Attend a formal training program such as the renown Sterling Style Academy

5. Market Yourself: If you choose to attend a personal shopper training program you will learn how to market yourself and gain instant credibility. Consider your established network of friends, family, and former colleagues who could benefit from your services. How will potential clients learn about your services? Target busy men and women whose professions dictate a certain dress and leave them little time or energy to get their wardrobe together. What will be your competitive advantage over other personal shoppers?

At the Sterling Style Academy, we teach you to effectively assess your skill sets and adapt them to your personality and work style so that you will inevitably become a successful personal shopper. We encourage open communication and foster personal growth at our personal shopper training program. A successful personal shopper has the drive and motivation to meet or exceed client expectations. If you want to establish a business as a personal shopper, consider attending the Sterling Style Academy as we will give you the professional tools, insider tips and overall foundation that you need to pursue your dreams.

About the Sterling Style Academy

The Sterling Style Academy trains and certifies prospective and aspiring image consultants, personal stylists, and personal shoppers to pursue the career of their dreams.  With 10 annual training courses held throughout the year in New York, London, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Miami, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, as well as Online Training, Teleclasses, and Short eCourses, the Sterling Style Academy prepares you to become a top notch pioneer in the image consulting, personal shopping, and personal styling industry.  Master the art of image, fashion and style to become a fashion styling expert.  Contact the Sterling Style Academy today to learn how we can help you start a career you are passionate about – shopping and styling!  Like us or become our BFF on Facebook.


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