Cape Town Image Consultancy Training by the Sterling Style Academy International
Sterling Style Academy • June 22, 2018 • No Comments

You’ve been researching image consultant training programs. There are a lot of options in South Africa. Would you rather learn from a South African or a Brit? Or would you

Where to Shop in Milan according to a New York Image Consultant and Dubai Personal Stylist
Sterling Style Academy • June 20, 2018 • No Comments

If you’re from the United States or anywhere else in the world, the best place to buy luxury brands is in Europe. It’s best to buy luxury brands in Milan,

Beirut Image Consultant Training by the Sterling Style Academy from New York | Lebanon Image Consultant Training
Sterling Style Academy • June 19, 2018 • No Comments

Welcome to the Sterling Style Academy blog! There is only one Sterling Style Academy which is based out of the United States and has classes in New York, Milan, Paris, Dubai,

Dubai Instagram Bloggers Get Marketing, Styling and Personal Shopper Training from the Sterling Style Academy Dubai
Sterling Style Academy • June 19, 2018 • No Comments

Do you love fashion, styling, shopping, and looking at pretty pictures on Instagram? Have you been thinking about starting an online boutique on Instagram? Would love a way to combine

Kate Spade: The Woman Behind a Brand | New York Image Consultant Training Tips for Success |How to Develop and Run a Brand
Sterling Style Academy • June 07, 2018 • No Comments

Kate Spade, an American style icon, committed suicide at age 55.  Having started a company just 25 years ago and sold it two times over for millions even billions of

Dubai Ramadan Looks: How to Choose Modest Clothing When You’re Not Muslim or Arab | Dubai Ramadan Nights
Sterling Style Academy • June 03, 2018 • No Comments

Style is about the journey not about the destination. Every individual has their own unique personal style. Most of the time our style is influenced by our peers and our

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex – Her Image and Her Style According to Michelle T. Sterling | Sterling Style Academy
Sterling Style Academy • May 21, 2018 • No Comments

It seems that when you become a part of the British Royal Family there are a set of rules or protocols that you must abide by which is even reflective

BECOME A FASHION INFLUENCER @sterlingstyleacademy – Careers in Fashion
Sterling Style Academy • May 01, 2018 • No Comments

What’s a Fashion Influencer? At the Sterling Style Academy we define it as someone who is photogenic, loves fashion, has been a style blogger, and has some personal styling skills.

#Paris #FashionWeek 2018 and How It’s Useful to #ImageConsultants
Sterling Style Academy • March 05, 2018 • No Comments

It’s Paris Fashion Week! As an image consultant, the benefit of Paris Fashion Week is that we get to see upcoming fashion styles and trends to help us get inspired

Abu Dhabi Image Consultant and Abu Dhabi Personal Stylist, Maya Hawwa, Sterling Style Academy Certified Image Stylist
Sterling Style Academy • February 19, 2018 • No Comments

Certified Abu Dhabi Image Consultant Maya Hawwa has been a UAE resident since 2006. Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Maya’s fascination with image and style stems from the most iconic form of

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