How to Gain Followers in the Fashion Influencer Industry

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So you want to learn how to become a fashion influencer? Want more Instagram followers? Are you fashion-forward, fabulous and you seriously know how to flaunt it on the gram, however you’re still struggling to gain traction on your Instagram account? Before we get into the details of the of how to become a fashion influencer, let us tell you about another industry providing an abundance of fun to its customers: the online uk slot market. That said, the fashion influencer market, which is a phenomenon that exploded on Instagram and has grown rapidly in recent years, is now over saturated with fashionistas all trying to get their slice of that influencer pie. The stakes have truly been raised. So how are you going to stand out from the crowd and build that loyal following, which will eventually convert into serious revenue?

Below is a list of tips and tricks on how you can really make an impact as an influencer and be seen in an ever-growing competitive market place. So, stop what you are doing, (probably playing at Barbadosbingo right?!), have a look and get ready to create and implement some valuable content. 

  1. Be Authentic

The most important thing to be when you’re breaking into the fashion influencer world is to be yourself and not try to take on the personality of some of the other influencers that you admire and follow. If you are fake, you are not going to be comfortable and it will be obvious to your following. Find your own voice and style then own it. Confidence goes a long way in gaining follower trust.

  1. Get Visible

We know that putting yourself out there can be super daunting and intimidating, but to be brutally honest, if you aren’t willing to bare all and be vulnerable, you are never going to get anywhere as an influencer. Start using the tools at your disposal. Get on Instagram stories. Talk to your audience and connect with them on a personal level. They are going to engage with you much quicker when you talk as a human being with flaws than hundreds of picture-perfect Insta photos which hide the real you.

  1. Connect with Your Audience

If people take the time to comment on your photos, respond to your live videos, or even just like a photo, making the effort to respond in a real and personal way really endears people to you. For example, if someone likes a picture, pop onto their page and engage with one of their pictures, maybe let them know: “Hey, you liked my pic so I thought I would pop onto your page and say hi.” This person is far more likely to follow you and remember your name. As your audience grows, personal connection tends to suffer so if you make a huge effort to respond to others, you will stand out more to your target audience and they will be more likely to like the real you.

We hope these 3 tips will get you started on your journey to influencer success. Being true to yourself goes a long way on Instagram these days and we believe it is vital to reaching  your long-term fashion influencer goals.  To learn more valuable tips, you may be interested in our eBook on how to become an Instagram influencer.


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