Lounge Wear Fashion Girls Would Wear from the Living Room to the Grocery to Dinner Out

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Do you struggle with how to dress casually but chic, or how to dress casually at home?

Lounge wear doesn’t have to be boring or look slopping like your average t-shirt and gym pants.  In fact, staying home doesn’t mean that you need to look shabby.  That’s the benefit of stay at home mom’s working with personal stylists, they can teach you how to take boring and drab to simple yet fab!

The following are our recommendations on lounge wear that fashion girls would wear in their kitchens and living rooms, to going to the grocery with sneakers and then dressing up these looks with actual shoes. Quarantine looks that you can buy now and still wear after the covid-19 pandemic.

When Juicy Couture velour sweat suits were in style, California stay at home moms figured out they look good with Tory Burch flats and a chunky necklace to dress it up!  The same is true with these t-shirts that are not your standard t-shirst and these joggers which are not your standard joggers.

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Sequin and satin joggers look great with heels but when worn with fashion sneakers like Gucci or McQueen, you can wear this to a house party on the app or to a small gathering at home and still look stay a home, glamorous and casual. California moms would probably wear these sequin or satin joggers with wedges or with a chunky heel sandal.  While Miami or LA or Atlanta moms would wear them with stilettos and fitted top.  If they have an amazing stomach, they would pair it with a crop top to look effortlessly chic! And this is an outfit that New York fashion girls would just wear from the living to dinner out!

Faux leather joggers would look edgy with the Gucci or Balmain t-shirts paired with sneakers or heels for a more dressed up event. Or pair it with the cut out fitted top for a more subtle but chic look. The Sacai white top would also look great with leather joggers if you had a big or protruding stomach from eating too much during quarantine time. Add some Louis Vuitton sneakers to this look and you’re all set to stay at home or go to the grocery store!

And lastly the camouflage joggers are great to just be comfy for staying home or doing anything casual from grocery to the movies when they open, to just kicking back and relaxing. Wear them with the Loft or Sacai t-shirt if you’re a cross between a girly girly and military brat.  Add white sneakers by McQueen and you’re all set to go! Pair them with the Balmain t-shirts for a glam look with the gold buttons or the black and white Balmain t-shirt to just add an edge to the camu joggers.

While we know that tie-die is super on trend at the moment, we couldn’t quite find a set that we liked yet…Tie-die was always associated with a negative connotation in the 80s and 90s for kids that we didn’t really want to hang out with in school.  So you see how you carry your values and what you associate certain type of clothes with throughout the decades even when the fashion cycle comes full circle and it’s back in style.

So you see, wearing casual clothing doesn’t have to look sloppy at all! You can still look glam and fab if you know what to pick and experiment with how to wear it.  You can really take all these things we picked here and mixed and matched them.  If you actually buy any of the pieces, please take a selfie and post it to your Instagram stories and tags us @sterlingstyleacademy to show us how fabulous you look at home because now you know that lounge wear fashion girls would wear from the living room, to the grocery, to the dinner out, can look chic too!  Lounge wear doesn’t have to be boring or look slopping like your average t-shirt and gym pants.  You can look chic and casual at the same time!

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Click on the links below for outfit inspirations and looks.


From joggers to High Fashion – Which looks is your fav? 💕#quarantinefashionchallenge Anzeige/Ad

♬ High Fashion (feat. Mustard) – Roddy Ricch

Sacai – Asymmetric Cotton-jersey And Lace T-shirt – White • Sacai • $545

The Great – The Boxy Crew Embroidered Cotton-jersey T-shirt – Off-white • The Great • $125

alexanderwang.t – Cut-out Cotton-jersey T-shirt – White • Alexander Wang • $200

Balmain White 3-Button Flocked Logo T-Shirt • Balmain • $395

Balmain – Button-embellished Printed Cotton-jersey T-shirt – White • Balmain • $395

Helmut Lang Black Rib Slash Long Sleeve T-Shirt • Helmut Lang • $160

oversized logo T-shirt • Gucci • $590

LOFT Striped Peplum Vintage Tee • LOFT • $34.50

Mandy Wrap Cotton T-Shirt • A.L.C. • $150

Commando Faux Leather Jogger • Commando • $128

CAMI NYC The Jagger Jogger • CAMI NYC • $297

Sanctuary Camo Joggers By Sanctuary in Green Size 20W • Sanctuary • $118

Lovers + Friends Tristan Jogger • Lovers + Friends • $158

MONROW Camo Jogger With Contrast Rib • Monrow • $175

David Lerner James Jogger • David Lerner • $242

Cargo Pocket Jogger Pants • 3.1 Phillip Lim • $450

CAMI NYC The Elsie Jogger • CAMI NYC • $275

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