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Have you been waiting for years to attend the Sterling Style Academy? Are you ready to take that first step into a stylish new future in 2016?

Current Dates, Locations & Training Programs | Sterling Style Academy

The Sterling Style Academy is undergoing some structural changes and therefore in 2016 we are only planning to offer on-location classes in January, June, July, and August.

In January 2016, we will be offering Introduction to Image Consulting Level II in Dubai from January 3 – 8 for those who registered for Introduction to Image Consulting Level I in Dubai from November 8 – 12 of 2015.   Later in January we will be offering the 3 and 5 Day Short Courses to become a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper in Miami from January 28 – February 1, 2016 and January 29 – 31, 2016 for the 3 Day Color, Styling & Shopping Course. Spend your winter holidays in warm weather and take advantage of the sales at Sawgrass Mills Premium Outlet Mall!

In June 2016, we will be offering the 3-Day Color, Styling & Shopping Course in Spanish in Miami from June 20 – 22.

In July 2016, we will be offering Introduction to Image Consulting Level I in New York from July 7 – 13 with the weekend off. We will also be offering the 5 Day Personal Stylist & Shopper Course and 3 Day Color, Styling & Shopping Course from July 11 – 15 in New York during this time. Registration for all these classes will close on May 1.

In August 2016, we will be offering Introduction to Image Consulting Level II in New York from August 1 – 6, for which registration will close on June 1. So come to New York during the best shopping season – pre-Fall, and take personal shopping sessions at one of the many upscale department stores in New York and enjoy evenings out on the town with your classmates who will no doubt share similar interests to you.

Based on this training calendar, we encourage you to plan your schedules accordingly due to the limited class schedule in 2016 and if necessary enroll into our remaining courses in Miami, New York, and Dubai during the last quarter of 2015. We will be rolling out updated training curriculum that reflects real-time changes in business due to technological advancements during the last quarter of 2015 – teaching you the most effect ways to offer your services to clients and to shop for your clients – staying one step ahead of the competition.

And as usual, you may always obtain your education online by taking one of our three online training certification programs, which are noted below, by level of difficulty, the most difficult and time consuming being the last program:

Please click on each program highlighted above for more details.

Please click here to be redirected to the Sterling Style Academy website for the most up-to-date class schedule, locations, and investment structure throughout the year.  And follow us on Facebook or Twitter for course updates and reminders as well.

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The Sterling Style Academy is a leader in the field of image consultant training and offers a variety of certification programs as an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper, and Fashion & Style Consultant.

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