Image Consultant Courses Online
Sterling Style Academy • June 27, 2020 • No Comments

This is the image consultant course online that will have you pivot into the next generation of digital image consultants and personal stylists.  Rather

Image Consultant Course in Dubai
Sterling Style Academy • June 12, 2020 • No Comments

Have you always been the most fashionable person among your friends? Are you the go-to person for your friend’s style advice?Does your Instagram feed

Crazy Rich Asian Girls of Singapore Jaime Chua and Willabelle Ong Use TikTok to Enhance their Instagram Following
Sterling Style Academy • May 29, 2020 • No Comments

Our favorite Singapore fashionistas are Jaime Chua and Willabelle Ong. Jaime Chua already has

New York Image Consultant Training is the Future of Fashion in the 2020s
Sterling Style Academy • May 22, 2020 • No Comments

Do you love fashion? Do you have a corporate executive job at the moment but would love to transition or combine your love

Dubai Image Consultant Training at the Dubai Mall in 2020’s Economy
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Because for the last 15 years we have been training the best image consultants throughout the Middle East.

New Delhi Image Consulting Business Training | 5 Week India Image Consultant Training Program | New Delhi Corporate Image Consultant Training |  India Soft Skills Training
Sterling Style Academy • January 02, 2020 • No Comments

What’s the importance of New Delhi Image Consulting Business Training? The need for image consulting

Image Consultant Training with Michelle T. Sterling | Sterling Style Academy
Sterling Style Academy • December 24, 2019 • No Comments

Why Image Consultant Training with Michelle T. Sterling? Who is Michelle T. Sterling? In 2002 Just in her 20s in 2002, she ventured off and created

Singapore Image Coach Training | Image Consultant Training Singapore | Bangkok Image Coach and Consultant Training
Sterling Style Academy • April 26, 2019 • No Comments

The This innovative course is designed to empower women to combine their love of fashion and style with self-growth and self-development.  Therefore, we encourage you

Dubai Image Coach Training | Riyadh | Jeddah | Kuwait | Beirut Image Consultant Training Beirut
Sterling Style Academy • April 24, 2019 • No Comments

Dubai Image Coach Training | Image Consultant Training Beirut | Riyadh | Kuwait | Doha Image Coach and Consultant Training 

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