New York Image Consulting Course: 5 Day Introduction August 18 – 22, 2014 | Sterling Style Academy New York
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Sterling Style Academy’s renowned course offerings now includes a 5 Day Course in New York to provide personalized instruction for busy individuals wanting to make

Launch Your Career in World Travel and Fashion – Enroll in the World Traveler(TM) Program for Jet Setting Personal Shoppers and Personal Stylists
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • October 11, 2010 • 4 Comments

The Sterling Style Academy offers The Sterling Style Academy is the first and only image consultant training program to offer the World Traveler(TM) Program to prepare personal shoppers and personal

As Seen in the Wall Street Journal: Tory Burch Fashioned a Business Model First
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  Image Consultant and Company Brand Image Specialist, Michelle T. Sterling, Founder and Training Director of Sterling Style Academy, discusses the importance of developing a strong company brand identity by using

Learn How to Start a Successful Image Consulting Business and Image Consultant Career with the Sterling Style Academy Sales, Marketing, and Business Brand Identity Launch Kit
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • March 16, 2010 • 15 Comments

When first starting a company it is useful to have a road map to guide you toward building a successful career as an image consultant.  80% of building

Image Consultant Certification Training Programs in San Francisco and Dubai – 2009
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In today's world, successful corporations are investing in their people and as a result the Sterling Style Academy has recognized that this sector of the multi-million dollar image consulting industry

True Confessions of a Shopaholic According to Michelle T. Sterling – The Solution: Become a Personal Shopper
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • June 05, 2009 • 8 Comments

The 4 Week Certification Program is a fully comprehensive program designed to meet the training needs of international fashion connoisseurs and individuals who prefer to cultivate their image and styling

Why is Image Consultant Certification Important?
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The image consulting industry is booming and on the rise in the current economy. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity and help people reach their

Sterling Style Academy Teams Up With Polyvore to Provide Our Students With Best Personal Shopping Learning Practices
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At the Sterling Style Academy we train top-notch Image Consultants and Personal Shoppers around the world in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, Dubai, London, and Hong Kong. Our

Frequently Asked Questions: Am I Too Old for a Career in Image Consulting?
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Image Consultant Question:    Hi...I am 50 years old, I have never thought I am too old to learn this until I saw your student age range.  But that still won't stop me

How To Become An Image Consultant with The Sterling Style Academy
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • May 05, 2009 • No Comments

View this informational video on how to become an image consultant or personal shopper featuring the industry expertise of Michelle T. Sterling, AICI, Founder and Training Director of the Sterling Style

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