All I Want for Christmas: Tales of London Christmas Shopping with Image Consultant and Personal Shopper Michelle T. Sterling

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So it’s no secret to anyone that I absolutely love shopping! Whether it’s shopping for myself, clients, my friends, or shopping in person versus online shopping, or advising clients and friends on what to buy via WhatsApp, I am your go-to shopping diva. Rain or shine, warm or cold, you’ll always find me in the stores more so than shopping online because I just love looking at beautiful things.  Department stores are my museums!

One of the most exciting things about my job is actually shopping for people worldwide. I get to do this in multiple ways by 1) shopping for people online, 2) shopping for people in person in the stores, and 3) shopping for people through Instagram influencer marketing

There’s a new way of shopping for people known as digital personal shopping. You advise people on certain items that they can’t make decisions on, or you select a must-have and send them to prospective people that you think might like them and personal shop for them that way, or you’re more like a personal concierge service and you find must-have items that clients request from you. A lot of people shop via social media or online these days, however it doesn’t necessarily replace the human element of someone actually picking items for you!

I simply get excited just by looking at beautiful things. So that’s the kind of person you want shopping for you.

For instance London Christmas shopping was so much fun with one of my friends who is also a Sterling Style Academy graduate. She’s got the shopping skills and the talent, so if you need a London Personal Stylist and London Personal Shopper, contact us and she’ll be happy to take you shopping, for a fee of course.

So, this Christmas time there are decisions to be made. What should we get her 16-year-old daughter? Should it be a Fendi bag or a YSL bag? The majority vote on Instagram was for the Fendi bag. But what do you guys think?

I thought the YSL bag with the stars was more age-appropriate, but she did mention that will probably get trashed and dirty, and I would have to agree with her. The Fendi bag on the other hand is super on trend and the sheep skin texture made it more like a teddy bag.

So, I guess it would be fine for a 16-year-old… But I think I much prefer it for me! That’s what her mom thought too so she bought it for her daughter so that she could borrow it too! That’s smart shopping.

Now what do we choose for her 18-year-old son? Things in London are not the greatest at the moment when it comes to safety and not getting robbed. But depending on what your goals are, if you need outfits for daytime or nighttime, I was very excited about the black Gucci sweater and black Valentino Chelsea boot combo for a sexy nighttime look. Although her son thought the black jumper was “too obvious,” the total look was just so James Dean to me. Then I suggested that for daytime either the white or the green was a good option. But if she was going to get him the trainers, she should get the green jumper. And then I noticed that the white was a zip up jumper.

Can’t imagine that would be the preference of an 18-year-old boy, but it was! So, in the end what should she buy her son? That’s still up for grabs. But my vote would be the black Gucci sweater or “jumper” with the black Valentino Chelsea boots for a boy about Londontown. But if it’s just for daytime the green on green is nice or the white on green combo was also nice. However, do you really need to look that cool during the day at 18? In London I think it’d be chicer to see an 18-year-old boy wear a leather jacket or a pea coat, with a more subdued jumper, jeans, with either trainers or Chelsea boots. But kids always have their own opinion on what they want to wear and you are shopping or buying it for them. So, what are you going to buy them, what they want or what you want as the parent? As an outsider and an image consultant, I can only advise on what the look projects and also state my preferences.

In matters of family, it’s best to stay impartial and on the side. Unless you’re hired to be the family psychologist when it comes to style! We call that style coaching at its finest LOL!

Which look do you like best? Vote on our Instagram polls in stories @sterlingstyleacademy or follow me for style inspiration @thesterlinglifestyle

I’m your go-to personal branding expert, image consultant and personal shopper train-the-trainer, Michelle T. Sterling.

Why is your image so important? Because it is your own personal brand. Think about that for a second. What kind of look or image do you want to project to the world? And is it consistent with what you are projecting? That’s the importance of personal branding especially if you are an entrepreneur, public figure, or an influencer.

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