Christmas Gift Ideas For My Wife: Chanel

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Are you having trouble thinking of Christmas gift ideas for your wife? Well here’s some advice from our resident personal stylist and personal shopper Michelle T Sterling.

Everywoman loves Chanel! Now whether it’s within your budget or not is another question.

If you’re looking for just a simple stocking stuffer then we recommend the Chanel Card Holder • Chanel • $475 . Card holders are particularly useful when your wife has a small bag and you’re taking her out for date night. They are also easy to carry on a daily basis without having to bring a bag if she’s just running to the grocery store.

Our favorite recommendation on this page and the best value is the Chanel denim flap bag (Chanel Flap Bag • Chanel • $3,500 ). Denim, as you probably know, is a casual look. So, she can wear this on a daily basis. It’s easy to wear it with jeans and also with black or any neutral color. And denim on denim is so trending right now, so this bag will look good with any type of Mom outfit. However, if you are going on a resort vacation this type of bag is ideal for spring and summer weather and if you live in LA or Miami or Texas. So, this bag would our top topic.

The Chanel Waist Bag • Chanel • $1,800 is also trending right now however since it’s in patent not many people would like it because it’s too shiny. But the price point is great.

The Chanel Chanel Pink 19 Wallet On Chain • Chanel • $2,825 is great if your wife likes small bags. It’s easy to travel with. It’s a great pop of color to wear with black or any other neutral color from day to night. Just depends on her personality and if she’s outgoing.

The camel Chanel flap bag (Chanel Small Flap Bag Chanel 19 • Chanel • $4,600 ) is an update classic and it is an investment piece. If your wife has blonde hair they love wearing these colors!

And last but not least this white Chanel Small Boy Chanel Handbag • Chanel • $5,400 with pearls is definitely a statement piece and so iconic of Chanel! White is also quite a trendy right now and it’s not a color only reserved for spring and summer anymore. It can be worn year-round. So if she loves pearls and likes to be more fashion forward, plus you’re willing to make an investment, this is the bag for you!

If you need more Christmas gift ideas and want to schedule an online personal shopper appointment, click here.

If you’d like to give your wife the gift of style for the holiday season, we have personal stylists and personal shoppers available worldwide particularly in the US, Canada and the UK.

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Chanel Flap Bag • Chanel • $3,500
Chanel Card Holder • Chanel • $475
Chanel Waist Bag • Chanel • $1,800
Chanel Chanel 19 Wallet On Chain • Chanel • $2,825
Chanel Small Flap Bag Chanel 19 • Chanel • $4,600
Chanel Small Boy Chanel Handbag • Chanel • $5,400

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