Giving Back


With the purchase of a Sterling Style Academy tote bag for $25 or a Sterling Style Academy notebook for $15, the profit from the sales of these products will go toward the Tory Burch Foundation in an effort to support the growth and development of female entrepreneurs.


Dress for Success is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1977. They provide disadvantaged women with professional attire, networking groups, as well as support center to help women thrive in the work place and in life.

While lending her image consulting services to Dress for Success in conjunction with the Center for Young Women’s Development, Ms. Sterling discovered their need for grooming and make-up services. With Ms. Sterling’s vast knowledge and experience in the education of image consulting, she saw this as a great opportunity to further enrich the lives of their clients as well as herself.

On Tuesday, March 2, 2010,  Ms. Sterling provided an educational make-up and grooming event at the Center for Young Women’s Developments. The event was a success with an attendance of over 15 young women; including women Ms. Sterling worked with weeks before with Dress for Success. Most of the women in attendance did not wear make-up at all and had little understanding of how to apply it. Since they are preparing for job interviews in the forth-coming weeks, it was important that they understood the significance of proper grooming and basic make-up techniques while partaking in a job interview.

The event covered the five basics to remember when applying make-up, grooming and skin care. Ms. Sterling covered application techniques as well as provided sample products for groomed eyebrows, even complexion, cheeks, and eyes. Although many of the young women were hesitant about make-up application and were worried about how make-up might affect their skin, by the end of the event they left with the skills to create simple yet effective looks with their make-up procedure as well as cost effective and low maintenance tools for proper skin care and staying well groomed.

It is important to remember to give back, therefore use your shopaholic skills to benefit others.



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