Resizing Sterling Silver Rings For Women

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Gold and platinum rings are usually the premier choice of many individuals for jewelry pieces because of their durability. Silver rings not have been as popular for some time. However, this is not the case anymore because many people have realized that silver pieces of jewelry are also of very good quality and can last a long time.

Many people assume that silver rings can’t last forever due to the fact that the metal happens to be soft and delicate. However, this assumption is not true.

Resizing silver rings

Since gold is soft and easy to alter, it is probably the most popular metal for resizing. However, rings made of most metals can also be re-size. Silver rings for women can also be resized to fit one’s finger. This process is best done by a jeweler. Resizing silver can be a complicated task, however the right jeweler should be able to resize a silver ring for you.

How it is done

The reason why experienced jewelers are your best bet for resizing your silver ring is that all the tools that they use for the process are specialized equipment that they typically have in their workshops. However, if you feel confident enough to do it yourself then you should know which equipment to get and where to get it. Courses on jewelry making usually have laboratories where all the tools for resizing silver rings for women can be found. Therefore, you can seek assistance from your local college to get hold of these materials.

Precautions when resizing silver rings for women

First and foremost, it is paramount that you get a good jeweler in the event that you have a silver ring in need of being resized.  When resizing these rings however, you need to be extra careful because there are some precautions that need be taken if you wish to preserve the ring.

One important thing you need to know is that once your silver ring has ever been resized before, then it cannot be resized again. Sterling silver rings can only be resized once in their entire lifetime. Therefore, if you choose to resize it a second time you will greatly compromising the structural integrity of the jewelry. In addition to this, it is not advisable to resize silver rings more than two sizes.

The main reason why you are advised against resizing an already resized silver ring is that the second process can result in weakening the metal which eventually leads to the ring losing its original shape. However, there is a possibility of resizing silver rings by one or two sizes provided that the jewelry comes with stones such as birthstone rings. This doesn’t always happen with all silver rings with birthstones because its success is dependent on the placement of the stones on the ring. Last but not least, sterling silver rings for women that have decorative patterns around them are also virtually impossible to resize.

Why resizing do’s and don’ts are important

The resizing of sterling silver rings for women come with quite a number of serious do’s and don’ts. They are also important because one small mistake might result in you losing the ring entirely. Therefore, it is paramount that you seek resizing advise from a jewelry expert on the best way forward. The one thing that you should not take for granted is the delicate nature of sterling silver metal but instead treat this piece of jewelry with caution.

Silver rings for women make great gifts. They can also be worn as an engagement ring thus symbolizing your commitment to the lucky lady in your life.

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