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There’s no doubt that Millennials like to look good but at what expense are they willing to invest in their wardrobes? Let’s first evaluate what’s important to Millennials and then allow us to share how your image is tied to those values.

Saving Money. Save money by having someone go into your closet to find out what you should keep and not keep to grow a viable wardrobe that represents you and your evolving life. Our lives usually change over the course of 5 – 10 years and so should your wardrobe. Do you want to look stale and stagnant or do you want to move forward? Moving forward in life is a natural part of our evolutionary process. As your life progresses shouldn’t your wardrobe progress too? We’re not talk about making a complete wardrobe overhaul. Fashion does recirculate to be on trend but that could take 20 – 30 years! Some Millennials don’t even have a closet to support that vintage trend. So allow an image consultant and wardrobe consultant help you make those wise shopping decisions in your closet, online, and in stores so that you look in style and are moving forward in fashion.

Enjoying Their Life. If enjoying your Millennial life includes traveling, meeting new people, and socializing, the clothing that you wear will inevitably attract people to want to talk to you. It’s true! If you ever get compliments on your outfits, it’s attracting people to talk to you! If you choose to spend your wealth on travel, then choose your wardrobe wisely to represent the occasions you go to and who you go with. The people that you spend time with are a reflection of you. Generally you share the same values, habits, goals, and ideas, as well as clothing preferences. And just as you build relationships with friends and family to enjoy your life and spend your time with, you can enjoy your life more when you have a virtual personal shopper or online personal shopper at your fingertips. Shopping takes time online or in stores. Viewing social media takes time too! Develop a relationship with a trusted stylist and shopper and you can enjoy your life more!

Growing Their Wealth. Growing your wealth is largely correlated to your own personal brand image. Your image is how you want to be seen and how you want to project yourself. Wealth can be monetary but it can also be reflected in the clothing that you wear and the image that you project. Do you want to look understated or do you want to make a statement that you’re wealthy? No brands versus brands. A picture is worth a thousand words. What do your pictures say about you? You don’t have to wear a lot of brands to look stylish or well put together. But even if you’re a Millennial focused on growing your wealth and saving your money to buy property, buying a few key pieces to update your wardrobe can get you through a season or a year – making it look like you’re fresh and moving forward in life and still growing your wealth. Try scheduling an appointment with our online personal stylist and personal shopper. Let’s make the process easy and painless for you.

Creating Memorable Experiences. When we have a memorable experience, there tends to be an outfit that is associate with that experience, photo, capture, instagram post. You may think that clothing is just clothing. But if you look good, you feel good. If you’re not happy, let’s take an inner look at what’s going on that isn’t making you happy. Are you allowing yourself to be your true self? Are you able to accept your true self. When your true self shines through, you look good in your clothing. You look eye catching to people and you create memorable experiences with new people that you meet. Because 93% of the first impression that you make is based on your visual impression. Are you a man wearing a pink flamingo print on your navy t-shirt with pink shorts and red espadrilles on a first date? Are you metrosexual or heterosexual? Let’s define your style identity archetype.

Career Freedom. With less restrictions on what to wear to the office or work, clothing is an opportunity for you to express your personality. Have you thought about what image or look you’d like to project today. Does your clothing project the real you? Or does your clothing reflect your true identity but it’s being repressed and screaming to come out. There is so much latitude within the workplace today but did you know that latitude affects your attitude? Latitude is what you wear to work, how you get your work done, how you manage your work schedule, that will reflect in your attitude. Are you a serious professional or are you faking it? Are you a serious entrepreneur or are you flailing? Structure in your day and in your attire usually leads to a higher execution rate of getting things done! Did you know that? So if you’re a digital nomad, be sure to schedule your day. Get dressed. Wear something appropriate. Don’t know how to look casual yet execute? We can help you!

So after examining the Millennial Style Formula to Shopping and Spending, the SEGCC factor as FIRST seen on the, do you need someone to help you put your own signature look together based on these aspects?

Schedule a 2 hour Skype consultation today and discover your true style personality based on an inner assessment of who your truly are on the inside and aligning those goals and visions with who you represent on the outside.  We are experts in advising you on global and universally accepted looks and trends across all cultures from the U.S., Latin American, Europe, Middle East North Africa (MENA) to Asia.

To schedule an online image consultant appointment (2 hours) with an expert iStylist, please make your credit card investment below.  Generally we are booked 1 week in advance. Therefore please feel free to contact us at for a stylist’s availability.  Thank you.

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