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Today, we received this email below from Tammy King, a Teacher from Texas, asking about careers as an image consultant.

My name is Tammy King and I am a Middle School teacher in Anahuac, Texas. I teach a group of sixth and seventh grade Gifted and Talented students. We have been working on a career project for the last seven weeks. They did some personal assessments and narrowed down careers best suited for them. They have completed research papers, power point presentations, and a university visit. The culminating project is to find a professional in the career they chose. I am hoping you have someone my student can interview via webcast or phone. The young lady conducting the interview is a really bright sixth grade girl named Ximena (Hu may Na). I have been extremely impressed with her work in my class and based on the time I have known her, a career in image consulting would be perfect for her. Even though college is sometime off, I have high expectations for her! The interview will consist of 8 questions which I will attach and then I asked students to come up with two questions of their own to add. It will take approximately fifteen to twenty minutes for the interview. If possible I would like to do a webcast to add an element of technology and then the entire class could also watch as the interview takes place. If that is not possible, then a phone interview would also work. My class meets each morning from 8:00am-8:45am. I am somewhat flexible with time if this time frame doesn’t work. It would really be wonderful if someone from Sterling Style Academy would work with us! I look forward to your response.


Tammy King
Teacher 6-8 Gifted and Talented
Anahuac Middle School
Anahuac, Texas

Interview Questions:

1. What are your main tasks or responsibilities at work?
2. What kind of education, training, or other preparation do you need to get into an image consultant career?
3. How did you get into this career as an image consultant?
4. What personal characteristics are required for someone to be successful in the image consultant career?
5. Have any recent changes affected your job? What changes to your career can you foresee in the future?
6. What do you like most about your job and career as an image consultant?
7. What do you dislike most about your job and the career you have chosen?
8. What advice do you have for someone who wants to become an image consultant?

Please see the following video below regarding the Sterling Style Academy’s answers to your questions. Thank you for your interest and feel free to post more questions regarding image consultant careers on our blog.

Best regards,
The Sterling Style Academy Team


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  • admin • 10 years ago

    Ms Sterling – I want to say a quick thank you for the interview! Ximena was so excited! She viewed the interview today and is in the process of writing down your answer responses. Tomorrow the class is going to watch the interview on my projector. Ximena will also be sending you a greeting via US mail! Thank you again for providing a positive role model to our youth!

    Tammy King