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New York, NY – There are so many people out there whose passions lie in the fashion industry but they lack the time and qualifications to follow them. Sterling Style Academy has the short courses to get you to your passion. Through affordable programs, they have enabled newcomers to be the best possible consultants and stylists out there. At different price points and methods (online and in-person), they are appealing to a large range of aspiring stylists. They have on location training programs in Dubai, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Mexico City and Hong Kong; as well as their online certification programs and instructor-led online personal stylist certification programs.

For their image consultant training, there are two programs available: The Online Program and the 7-Day Immersive Program. Though both of these are in the higher price points, they have double the information that’s given in the other programs. On top of the image consulting that they offer within the program, you’ll also be delving into personal stylist and shopper courses. Information that’s given in both the online and immersive programs are:

  • Art and science behind image consulting and personal styling
  • Elements and principles of design for image, fashion and style
  • All about color theory
  • Assessing facial features, body silhouettes, body types, and proportions.
  • Analyzing men’s and women’s fashion
  • Differentiating between business, business casual, casual for individual industries and their professions
  • Principals behind makeup, and wardrobes

Through these courses, anyone that wants to be an image consultant, a personal stylist, or a personal shopper, will have the foundation necessary to make a profession out of it. The 7-day image consultant training course runs in five countries worldwide for 2017. Those are: Milan (July 3rd – 9th, 2017), Lebanon (July 17th – 23rd, 2017), New York (August 6th – 8th, 2017), Miami (August 21st – 27th, 2017) and Dubai (November 2017). The online image consultant training program is the more affordable option to the on-location course and it allows you to learn at your own pace because course material is accessible anytime and anywhere. This course is especially for those that live further and training might be more difficult to do. So, you get the information right at your fingertips. All it requires is a computer, Microsoft office proficiency, an email address, and Internet connection.

“They provided me with comprehensive technical skills, business strategies, pricing schemes and, above all, confidence. Each topic was thoroughly explained using videos, demonstrations, and hands-on interaction with clients. They had the ability to work collaboratively with the class while teaching each lesson quickly and effectively was outstanding.” Said Sterling Style Academy Alumni, Debra Ovall. She’s one of the many that have applauded the Academy and their teaching techniques.

Through the completion of the course, participants would have had the opportunity to partake in What Are My True Colors, Personal Style Consultation, Wardrobe Consulting, Personal Shopper, and Personal Styling booklets, eBook, and modules. Click Here, for more information on their different programs and see which one suits you best.

Sterling Style Academy offers a number of courses to help you be the best possible image consultant, personal shopper, or personal stylist. They are commitment to excellence, so their students receive the most up-to-date and relevant information. With over 50 years of combined industry experience, you’re sure to get the best education to put you ahead of the crowd. They have a diversified student body and internationally recognized student alumni with consultants from over 65 different countries. Their global courses are there to prepare you for a successful fashion career.

Image Consultant Training at Sterling Style Academy Milan


Ashley Taylor,
Training Coordinator
Sterling Style Academy

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The Sterling Style Academy is a leader in the field of image consultant training and offers a variety of certification programs as an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper, and Fashion & Style Consultant.

Ashley Taylor, Training Coordinator
Sterling Style Academy

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