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If you’re trying to decide which Sterling Style Academy program to take in 2013, let us tell you the difference between the 5-Day Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Certification Program in Miami, New York, L.A., Dubai, Hong Kong, and London, versus the 2.5 Week Image Consultant, Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Program in Miami, New York, and Dubai.

Our 5-Day Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Certification Program will teach you the following:

Day 1: Body Shape Analysis – Learn how to identify and evaluate various body types and silhouettes; how to examine facial features, body proportion, texture, and pattern in order to determine which clothing silhouettes and fabrics will highlight or conceal those features for men and women.
Day 2: Color Analysis – Learn the theory behind color, how to evaluate individuals based on their personal coloring, and how to select the appropriate colors for an individual
Day 3: Fashion Styling – Learn the theory behind the different types of fashion styles, how to determine an individual’s fashion style, and how to select the appropriate clothing based on an individual’s lifestyle, personal coloring and fashion style
Day 4: Style Consultations & Personal Shopping – Learn how to consult clients on how to develop their own personal style. Learn the ins and outs of how to mix and match, how to efficiently and effectively personal shop for others, how to work with men and women, and how to work with stores from start to finish
Day 5: Marketing & Business Development– In conjunction with our Sales, Marketing, Business Brand Identity Launch Kit, you will learn how to define and market your services, set fees, and map out your business plan and objectives as well as create a professional bio, a 30-second introduction, and press releases to effectively sell yourself.

This program certifies you to become a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper.

Program Investment: USD$ 5,497

This program was designed for the busy professional who cannot take that much time off of work or the home maker who cannot leave her family for lengthy periods of time.  This class is designed to give you all the important elements and knowledge needed to become a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper and is the abridged version of the 2.5 week certification program.  This class cuts to the chase and gives you a fully comprehensive education without all the fluff.  Unfortunately, you will not learn how to evaluate a closet or how to create a wardrobe look book in this class; however you can purchase the Wardrobe Consulting and Personal Styling e-Short Course for that.

You will learn the following in the 5-Day Short Course that is outlined in the curriculum of the 2.5 week course below:

In the 2.5 Week Certification Program, you will learn the following:

The art and science behind an image consulting and personal styling business
The elements and principles of design as it pertains to image, fashion and style
Color theory and how to evaluate an individual’s personal coloring
How to assess facial features, body silhouettes, body types, and body proportions to appropriately dress men and women
How to analyze men’s and women’s fashion styles, incorporate trends, and develop a client’s signature style for personal and professional occasions
How to conduct personal style evaluations for professionals to stay-at-home individuals
The principles behind makeup application and how to consult your clients on makeup
How to conduct a wardrobe and closet evaluation
The principles behind closet organization and clothing care
How to personal shop and effective personal shopping strategies and protocol
How to work with clients and develop an image and wardrobe specific to your client’s needs, goals, lifestyle, personal style, personal coloring, and body type to improve their overall appearance
How to create a wardrobe look book
Effective communication skills as it pertains to sales pitches, public speaking, and presentation development
A day in the life of an image consultant and personal stylist – what’s to be expected and setting realistic business goals and objectives
Business building – how to sell your services, determine your target market, develop your 30 second introduction, write a professional bio and press release

This program certifies you to become an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper.

Program Investment: USD$9,947

Therefore we recommend taking the 5-Day Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Certification Program for the best value if you’d like to receive the most amount of relevant information to become a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper in the shortest amount of time.

Our next 5-Day Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper course will be held in Dubai from March 17 – 21, 2013 for which registration closes on January 30th.  This class will also be held in Hong Kong from April 11 – 15, 2013 and registration closes on February 22nd.  In the US, the 5-Day Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Certification Program will be held in NY from May 15 – 19 and overlaps with the class dates of the 2.5 week program; registration for these programs close on March 20th.  Or you may take this class in L.A. from June 13 – 17; registration closes on May 1, 2013.  Or if you’d like to travel to Europe over the summer, this class will be held in London from July 18 – 22, 2013 for which registration closes on June 5, 2013.

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