Want to Become a Wardrobe Consultant? Looking for a Wardrobe Consultant? Try the Sterling Style Academy Wardrobe Consulting eBook and Short Course for $257

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If you walk into your closet and always end up wearing the same thing or want to help people who do.  Or if you have trouble mixing and matching clothing or want to help people figure out what goes with what.  Or if you’re looking for a system that will teach you how to better style and coordinate outfits for yourself or for others, try the Sterling Style Academy eShort Course on Wardrobe Consulting.

Hiring a wardrobe consultant, image consultant, or personal stylist to go through your closet will easily cost you at least $500 to review it, edit it, and that doesn’t necessarily include mixing and matching or styling the outfits for you.  However for just $257, you can learn how to do it yourself and even for others!

The Sterling Style Academy Wardrobe Consulting eShort Course includes:

  • A workbook and a 90-minute action-packed, instructional video tutorial on how to perform an effective Wardrobe and Closet Audit
  • Learn how to effectively organize and categorize your wardrobe or others
  • Learn the art of mixing and matching clothing for yourself or others
  • Learn how to build a cohesive wardrobe for yourself or others
  • And learn how to create wardrobe capsules for yourself or others that you ordinarily see in department stores and boutiques in your own closet!

If you’re interested in learning more about styling, the Sterling Style Academy Wardrobe Consulting eShort Course is an effective learning tool because every client consultation should begin in the closet.  This will enable you to assess what they have and don’t have, figure out what they need, or shop within their closet and create beautiful ensembles they never even knew they had.

The art of personal styling is all about knowing how to mix and match, knowing how to put outfits together to create a certain look, or creating outfits conductive for a certain lifestyle.

The Sterling Style Academy Wardrobe Consulting eShort Course features clothing that mixes and matches high street, contemporary and luxury brand fashions.  If you’re interested in learning how to better style yourself or others, and how to make the inexpensive look expensive, purchase the Sterling Style Academy Wardrobe Consulting eShort Course for just $257 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY (regularly $297).  Upon purchasing Wardrobe Consulting you will receive an email with access on how to download the video and workbook.

Wardrobe Consulting eShort Course for just $257

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