Image Consultant Training with Michelle T. Sterling | Sterling Style Academy
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Why Image Consultant Training with Michelle T. Sterling? Who is Michelle T. Sterling? In 2002 Just in her 20s in 2002, she ventured off and created

Dubai Personal Stylists Prefer the Birkin Over the Kelly | Sterling Style Academy Alumni Event
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The Sterling Style Academy conducted an alumni event in Dubai attended by 22 of some of our image consultant, personal stylist and personal shopper graduates

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Dubai – January 12, 2014 ~ For the last five years, the Sterling Style Academy has attracted students to Dubai from across the world to attend itsimage consultant, personal stylist, and

Want to Become a Wardrobe Consultant? Looking for a Wardrobe Consultant? Try the Sterling Style Academy Wardrobe Consulting eBook and Short Course for $257
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If you walk into your closet and always end up wearing the same thing or want to help people who do.  Or if you have trouble mixing and matching clothing

Why Does One Decide to Pursue a Career as an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, or Personal Shopper? See What the Sterling Style Academy’s Training Director, Michelle T. Sterling, has to say about it.
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In a relatively young and new industry such as image consulting there is so much opportunity there to create a name and a niche for  yourself, however it all really

Modern Day Color Analysis Palettes and Swatches for Color Consultations
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The Sterling Style Academy introduces our color analysis booklet called What Are My True Colors – A Modern Guide to Color Analysis.  As a Sterling Style Academy certified image consultant,

What’s Hot in Dubai: Becoming an Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist – Find Out About Training Certification
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Dubai is the global hot spot where fashion meets fabulous! Wake up to a beautiful city that is glamorous, modern, and vibrant. Spend your days learning about image, fashion, and

London Summer Fashion School in Image Consultancy, Personal Styling and Personal Shopping | Sterling Style Academy
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The Sterling Style Academy provides you with Students from all over the world, such as: the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Australia,

The “IT” Personal Shopper & Personal Stylist Training Course in New York, London, and Dubai
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To some leading a glamorous life can be perceived as superficial however glamorous people are also real people too with real stories, real needs, and real desires.  So why not

New York, New York! Launch Your Personal Shopper Career in the World’s Fashion Capital!
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • February 01, 2011 • No Comments

There's no better place to train to become a personal shopper and personal stylist than in New York with the Sterling Style Academy! Each year, we offer three in-depth, hands-on

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