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Dubai – January 12, 2014 ~ For the last five years, the Sterling Style Academy has attracted students to Dubai from across the world to attend itsimage consultant, personal stylist, and

Comparing the 5 Day Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Course Versus the 2.5 Week Certification Program? | Sterling Style Academy
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If you’re trying to decide which Sterling Style Academy program to take in 2013, let us tell you the difference between the Our 5-Day Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Certification

3- Day Personal Styling Certification & Personal Shopping Course in Mexico DF, São Paulo Brazil, New York, Miami, Dubai, New Delhi, Johannesburg, and Manila in 2012
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Whether you are interested in shopping in one of the most exciting fashion capitals in the world, New York or Dubai; or prefer to mix fashion and pleasure on a

3 Day Color, Styling and Personal Shopping Training Programs in Miami
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Held in Downtown Miami, our 3 day certification course offers the perfect foundational program for those interested in personal styling and personal shopping. With a comprehensive theory based curriculum, students

3 Day Personal Styling and Personal Shopping Certification Courses in Miami January 5 – 7, 2012 – Visiting from Brazil, Mexico, Italy or Argentina
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Do you live in Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Spain, Italy, or Portugal and would like to vacation in Miami in January.  The Sterling Style Academy presents

What’s Hot in Dubai: Becoming an Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist – Find Out About Training Certification
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Dubai is the global hot spot where fashion meets fabulous! Wake up to a beautiful city that is glamorous, modern, and vibrant. Spend your days learning about image, fashion, and

London Summer Fashion School in Image Consultancy, Personal Styling and Personal Shopping | Sterling Style Academy
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The Sterling Style Academy provides you with Students from all over the world, such as: the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Australia,

“Must Have” 3-Day Short Certification Course in Color Analysis and Fashion Styling in New York, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Mumbai and Hong Kong
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Learn what colors look best on you and others.  Discover your own fashion style and be able to determine that of others.  And most importantly, learn how to shop according

Have You Looked into Image Consulting and Personal / Fashion Styling Courses at the London College of Fashion in London and Dubai, or FIT in NY?
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  While London College of Fashion in London and Dubai or FIT in New York are great institutions, their curriculum is based on all aspects of fashion and not just on

You Are the Go-To Fashion Expert Among Your Peers – Learn How to Start Making Money Being a Fashionista
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The Sterling Style Academy, is now offering 3-day courses in New York, London, and Dubai on color analysis, fashion styling, and personal shopping.  As New York, London, and Dubai are the

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