What You’ll Learn During Image Consultant Training

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So you’ve decided that you want to become an image consultant and you want to do it the right way. You want to learn everything there is to know about the field of work so you can be sure to succeed. You know there will be a lot of work involved but you are aware that this is the best way to break into a field that is so competitive. Having always had an eye for fashion and a passion for dealing with fashion, you are already on the right track, but there is so much more to learn and experience to be ready for a career in image consulting.

What Do You Learn During Formal Training?

Color is a big component to image consulting and color analysis is one of the greatest parts of training. This will include a history of color and the effect that different colors can have on a persona. “Line” is another important factor and it deals with many things from the shape of eyebrows and lips; to shoes and everything else in between. Line is used to disguise any flaws that might otherwise be apparent to the public eye. When learning about makeup, you will interpret all the different shades how different ones go together. When dealing with hair, you will learn to ensure that your client’s is the appropriate style and color for the image they intend to present. Just as clothing is an important aspect in a person’s image, so is their accessories. Learning to provide jewelry that makes a statement and does not throw off an outfit is essential to providing the right image. Image consultants are also responsible in making sure that their client’s closet is up to par and organized in the best way possible. They also do the shopping for the client based on the needs of each client to make uphold their image in front of the public eye.

Who is an Image Consultant for?

While all of the makeup and clothing talk may make this field of work seem like it has mainly a women clientele, men are greatly helped through the services of an image consultant. Men do not often like to shop which makes having an image consultant that much better. Most people who enlist the help of an image consultant are in the public eye some way, shape or form; such as politicians, corporate executives, lawyers and their clients, and of course television personalities. An image consultant can be given guidelines as to what image each client is trying to portray and will be able to form each client’ s image around these guidelines.

While there is a lot to learn from this type of work, you can feel very rewarded from doing after you hear all of the compliments your client gets from their outfit, or their makeup, or even the way they carry themselves. Don’t be discouraged from the level of competition that is out there for this type of job. Everyone has their own perception and this will, in some ways rub off on to the styles provided. If you are willing to put in the work to become successful as an image consultant, don’t hesitate to get started with the necessary steps to get there.

Individuals attend our image consultant training programs in New York, Miami, Milan, Paris, Dubai from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru.

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