How Do Fashion Bloggers Make Money? Through multiple streams of income! Become a Certified Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper
Sterling Style Academy • July 25, 2017 • No Comments

Are you a What's the benefit of having multiple streams of income? When one stream

STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 09, 2014 • No Comments

Chanel bag or If you love fashion, reading fashion magazines, attending fashion events, and always find yourself online checking out or the likes of it,

Comparing the 5 Day Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Course Versus the 2.5 Week Certification Program? | Sterling Style Academy
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • January 21, 2013 • No Comments

If you’re trying to decide which Sterling Style Academy program to take in 2013, let us tell you the difference between the Our 5-Day Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Certification

Train to Become an Image Stylist and Personal Shopper in the Shopping Mecca of the World – Dubai!
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • August 28, 2012 • No Comments

Some people have a natural eye for style while others may need further guidance to become style mavens.  A-List celebrities, athletes, politicians, and everyday people across the globe enlist the

3- Day Personal Styling Certification & Personal Shopping Course in Mexico DF, São Paulo Brazil, New York, Miami, Dubai, New Delhi, Johannesburg, and Manila in 2012
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • August 15, 2012 • No Comments

Whether you are interested in shopping in one of the most exciting fashion capitals in the world, New York or Dubai; or prefer to mix fashion and pleasure on a

3 Day Personal Styling and Personal Shopping Certification Courses in Miami January 5 – 7, 2012 – Visiting from Brazil, Mexico, Italy or Argentina
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • November 06, 2011 • No Comments

Do you live in Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Spain, Italy, or Portugal and would like to vacation in Miami in January.  The Sterling Style Academy presents

Johannesburg Image Consultancy & Personal Stylist Training – South Africa
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • September 02, 2011 • No Comments

Do you dream of attending a top-notch image consultancy and personal stylist training course however you live in South Africa or Nigeria and are finding it difficult to locate a

Learn How To Dress Stylish – Courses in Color Analysis, Personal Shopping, & Personal Styling | Sterling Style Academy New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, & Dubai
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • July 31, 2011 • No Comments

Arab, Indian, Russian and Asian girls have at least one thing in common, they all love their designer brands. Whether or not you travel and enlist in our 3-Day Certification Program

Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, & Personal Shopper Training Courses at the Sterling Style Academy 2011
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • July 19, 2011 • No Comments

We’ve had a wonderful year so far training fabulous men and women from all over the world.  Each of them are talented in their own way and bring a unique

Why Does One Decide to Pursue a Career as an Image Consultant, Personal Stylist, or Personal Shopper? See What the Sterling Style Academy’s Training Director, Michelle T. Sterling, has to say about it.
STERLING STYLE ACADEMY • April 26, 2011 • No Comments

In a relatively young and new industry such as image consulting there is so much opportunity there to create a name and a niche for  yourself, however it all really

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