Work with a Sterling Style Academy New York Personal Stylist
Sterling Style Academy • March 17, 2016 • No Comments

If you’re thinking about Graduates of the Sterling Style Academy in New York are trained to know what the latest trends are in fashion, how

How To Become an Image Consultant | Sterling Style Academy
Sterling Style Academy • December 28, 2015 • No Comments

It is unrealistic to think that since you can cook in your own home, you can open a Michelin star restaurant. Exactly the same pertains to

Choosing Your Image Consultant Training
Sterling Style Academy • December 17, 2015 • No Comments

Image consulting is a hot topic around the world‐‐all parts of society are seeking an image consultant to alter how they look and feel. An

Give the Gift of Image Consultancy – Dubai Training
Sterling Style Academy • November 26, 2015 • No Comments

What is an Image Consultant? Am amazing image consultant is an individual who has true insight into other people; they have an understanding of people’s needs,

The Coveted Stylist Training Program
Sterling Style Academy • August 19, 2015 • No Comments

Are you passionately interested in becoming a fashion or style consultant? Do you want to create a part time job for yourself, one that you’re

How to Wear Orange | Gucci Spring 2015 Trend
Sterling Style Academy • April 03, 2015 • No Comments

As Image Consultants, Personal Stylists, and Personal Shoppers, it’s important to keep up with the trends because while you’re busying trying to market your business

New York Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Training
Sterling Style Academy • March 31, 2015 • No Comments

Does the sight of a gorgeous designer dress make you giddy with excitement? Are you the only person all your friend’s call when they go

London Personal Shopper Training | Sterling Style Academy
Sterling Style Academy • March 20, 2015 • No Comments

Are you passionate about fashion? Do you spend hours browsing through the racks at Selfridges in London? Or perhaps you’ve always dreamt of making a

Dubai Personal Stylists Prefer the Birkin Over the Kelly | Sterling Style Academy Alumni Event
Sterling Style Academy • February 08, 2015 • No Comments

The Sterling Style Academy conducted an alumni event in Dubai attended by 22 of some of our image consultant, personal stylist and personal shopper graduates

Have a Dazzling New Year with the Sterling Style Academy
Sterling Style Academy • January 01, 2015 • No Comments

It's time to unleash your inner diva and share with the world your fashionista skills! Make a dazzling entrance in the New Year with Christian Louboutin's So Kate Crystal heels.

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