Crazy Rich Asian Girls of Singapore Jaime Chua and Willabelle Ong Use TikTok to Enhance their Instagram Following

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Our favorite Singapore fashionistas are Jaime Chua and Willabelle Ong. 

Jaime Chua already has a huge following that surpasses 1 million followers on Instagram and has grown another hundred thousand during quarantine, with the help of her TikTok videos we suspect.

While Willabelle Ong hit 150k a week ago and is now at 178k today and growing! 

Why do we think people are actually following these fashionistas?

1) They are fashion savvy influencers from wearing designer clothing to designer shoes and handbags, everyone loves to watch inspirational, pretty fashion.

2) The second attributing factor to their success, is the fact that watching them is entertaining. As TikTok has taken off in 2020 due to lockdown across the world from the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore’s lockdown has expanded the creativity of already creative fashionistas in order to provide more entertaining clips of their life at home, as well as their amazing closets! Entertainment leads to laughter and laughter is good for mental health.

Think of watching them like watching fashion music videos. What’s more entertaining than watching less than one minute of singing, dancing and amazing designer fashion!?

3) More importantly, the more social media outlets you use and cross promote your fashion, singing and dancing videos, the more successful you will be. Because what leads to social media success these days? Video!

We have found that the students who create TikTok videos and share them on YouTube and Instagram have increased the following successfully week after week.

So get some fashion inspiration from these crazy rich Singapore socialites and fashionistas, Jaime Chua and Willabelle Ong by watching their TikTok. 

TikTok has the largest expanding growth rates within Asian continents from India to China and other Southeast Asian countries with great growth in the Middle East as well, particularly Saudi Arabia. 

So, if you’re a fashion girl who loves luxury fashion, you too can be a social media success by following these tips! 

More and more girls from Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia are downloading TikTok and it’s not just for teenagers anymore. Females from Generation X, Y and Z are on TikTok for entertainment. And TikTok makes it so easy to share your videos across all social media platforms and even through WhatsApp and WeChat.

So get social and start monetizing your social media by getting some TikTok inspiration from Jaime Chua and Willabelle Ong.

If you’re in Singapore, Jakarta or Malaysia and would like to take your styling skills to the next level because you genuinely would like to serve clients and not only dress well, we recommend looking into our Singapore image coach course which will be held in on location in Singapore July 2020 as well as online. Rather than become a fashion influencer you can become a Singapore image consultant and personal stylist by satisfying your shopaholic tendencies by shopping for other people rather than only shopping for yourself! Especially if you love designer and luxury fashion but don’t have a crazy rich asian girl budget or just a fraction of that budget, what better way to satisfy your passion for fashion?!

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