Finding Hope Through Prayer During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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What do a lot of people need right now? Hope. Hope that can bridge the uncertainty of the moment; hope that eases some of your stress and makes you calmer; hope that you don’t get COVID-19 and find some balance in life again. And for some, hope and can be found through prayer. 

Many people go through life changes throughout their lifetime. But when the whole world goes through it at the same time it creates a flood of panic, a flood of group consciousness panic

What is group consciousness? Group consciousness is when the whole world feels the same way at the same time or everyone is thinking the same way at the same time, and if that collective is negative at the same time, it causes a negative wave of group consciousness.

Everyone is wondering when things will “go back to normal.” But what exactly is normal? If normal is just walking outside, then people are already doing that in some places. But if normal means neglecting your families, this pandemic has probably been forced upon you to help you grow as an individual and spend more time with your family. The COVID-19 pandemic is indicative that normal wasn’t working and as humans we must adapt, grow, change, and be resilient. 

So how do you cope with COVID-19?  How do you cope with quarantine?  How do you cope with social distancing?

For some who have already been on a spiritual path in the past or are more spiritual, the pandemic is not as much of a challenge for them. The secret to adopting change is to learn how to FLOW and even more so when things are uncomfortable.

Reminiscing about the past or looking to an uncertain future is not going to help you flow. Flowing is simply being in the moment and asking your own self, what is good for you right now? Or what is good for your family right now? What is it that you can do for yourself to make you happy and within the parameters that life has given us? The key word is within the parameters that life has given us. Because if you think about all those sci-fi movies where pandemics have hit cities, there’s corruption of power and then upheaval. The people always need some sense of hope. And while we are currently living a life of what seems like a movie, we still need to make the best of our situation and therefore it’s essential to flow.

When you can accept a situation for what it is, is when you can find a place where you can live and acclimate to a situation. Complaining about a situation is not going to help you cope with a situation. Finding peace within uncertainty is where you will find hope. With hope, hopefully you will find gratitude out of the little things in life as well as develop a greater sense of appreciation. 

Change is often uncomfortable for everyone. If you’re feeling stressed, uncertain, anxious and depressed at the moment, most likely you’re not happy with life’s changes that have been forced upon you. Nobody likes change, but when it’s forced upon you it’s even worse.

So, the key is a short prayer just to channel your inner spirituality so that it can give you a sense of peace, hope and, serenity.

One short prayer that can help you with serenity is the following: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

So many things in life are out of our control. When we release control and judgement of the situation, we are able to flow. Flowing will help you find a greater sense of peace and calmness throughout life. 

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