Small Business Tips to Survive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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What are you doing during the COVID-19 pandemic to be productive?

Thank you for taking some time to join me today during the COVID 19 pandemic.  I’m Michelle T. Sterling, the founder and training director of the Sterling Style Academy. Initially this video was created after doing my first Instagram Live to go over some key points of what people can do to help their financial situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since filming this video on April 6th, many people have been hustling to serve as coaches to business owners in the last month. However at the Sterling Style Academy, our main goal is to work with stylists, image consultants, and future executive coaches to build the equivalent of a profitable (USD) six figure business in your country.

Therefore the goal of this short video is really to provide you with some constructive solutions in order to grow your businesses for small business development

However, the first thing that we should address is your mindset. What is your current mindset at the moment? Are you feeling defeated? Or are you looking at this as an opportunity to evolve and grow and learn from this time? 

I know many people have lost their jobs across the world and it is affecting your situations and lives in grave ways. 

But the goal of today’s video is to really explore some avenues that, if you have a small business, you can use in order to generate some income for yourself.  Go from jobless to success.

So the first thing that would like to address is your state of mind. If you’re not in a current state of mind that is willing to think of positivity, productivity and possibility then perhaps listen to the rest of the video may mean nothing to you.

But if you’re approaching this with an open mind, let’s get started. 

Many of you are scattered all over the world and are experiencing a lockdown period. During this time if you have a small business, I want to you to ask yourself what are the things that you can do to be productive at this moment in order to grow your business? And if the answer is there is no business then this is not the answer that I’m looking for.

Let’s think of marketing strategies. Specifically, Guerrilla Marketing strategies. What’s guerrilla marketing? Basically, it’s you spreading information by word of mouth with little cost to you.  It’s just the cost of your time.

If you are currently self-employed or a solopreneur, then building your own personal brand is of utmost importance at this time. It’s what will grow your small business!

How do you do this? 

1) YouTube. What talents do you have that you can share with other people free of charge that people would be willing to learn something about? 

2) How can you use social media productively in order to influence the lives of others? Some people are coping through this time through humor. Others are trying to find solutions.  

So, if you just recently lost you job, is there something that you’ve been wanting to explore in the past but never had time to do? That’s what you can look into. Whether it’s learning how to cook better, reading self-development books to make you a better businessperson, or how to better deal with your emotions during crisis, there’s something you can do for you. The name of the game is self-development and self-care. 

Now is the perfect time to embark on your entrepreneurial passions

What are some of these things for you?

What talents do you have that you can use to better serve your community? 

3) If you’re entitled to receive a financial subsidy from your government, please file those papers immediately. If you’re out of work, examine your skill sets. Are you in sales, marketing, public relations, or do you have a skill set others could benefit from? Are you a positive person who can share positive vibes through meditation, yoga, exercise? 

Are you good with numbers and are in accounting? Can you help other people to manage their finances better and plan for the future if they are not getting paid for the next 1 to 3 months?

What skill sets do you have that could help others solve some problems to their situations? 

I encourage you to think about all these things and see how you can contribute to the greater good of society so that we can all help each other during this time. 

Be well and stay healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It took a pandemic for Arunima Manwani from New Delhi, India, to finally launch her first YouTube video with our guidance, encouragement, and mentoring. Now she’s on a role!

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We are so proud of Sterling Style Academy graduate, Arunima Manwani from New Delhi India, for finally producing her first YouTube video that we hope is the beginning of her making an impact on her community.⭐️ . Since graduating in October 2018 from our 7-Day Image Consultant Training program in Milan, we knew from the beginning that she has an important message to share with her community that could potentially influence a change and bridge the gap between the rich and poor.👏🏼 . With mentoring, coaching, guidance, and support, she finally delivered a message we knew she was capable of doing and we are impressed with her delivery and video editing skills.🏅 . The key to any successful endeavor is to take action. She herself being an example, she took action to make a video that will hopefully inspire you to take action and take control of your COVID19 situation.🙏🏼 . Arunima is now on a roll for creating videos. She’s done three in the past week, making good use of the situation. It all started with our Instagram Live effort a couple weeks ago. So with some inspiration, guidance, mentoring, and accountability, you too can become our next Superstar Graduate.🤩 . If you are an alumni and need further guidance and mentoring to move your business onward and upward, please feel free to reach out. 📩 . We have a 5 week image consultant and soft skill training course coming up in India, Dubai and online in September. Email us for details. 📧 . . . #imageconsultant #softskills #softskillstraining #community #indian #newdelhi #india #priankachopra #inspired #action #takecontrol #pandemic #lockdown2020 #lockdown #covid19 #newdelhiindia #indiancinema #indianattire #indiansingers #indianclothes #indianinfluencer #indiandesigners #indianbusiness #indianbusinesswoman #indiatoday #indiastayhome #stayhome #womensupportingwomen #mydubai

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