Dubai Image Consultant Training at the Dubai Mall in 2020’s Economy

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Why take Dubai Image Consultant Training at the Sterling Style Academy? 

Because for the last 15 years we have been training the best image consultants throughout the Middle East. While our methodologies remain traditional to the craft, we always provide our students with innovative solutions in order to build a modern, fashion forward, profitable business in today’s economy.

You are not only paying for a stylist knowledge base that you can perhaps gain at other Dubai fashion institutions or Dubai fashion schools, but our founder is skilled in adapting her teaching methodology so that it’s relevant to the student’s learning needs, culture, and target demographic of client.  Our institution is comprised of experienced and internationally successful trainers who have worked with clients in many countries.  You won’t be learning from retail personal shopping managers with experience on par with Dubai’s retail customer service standards like at other Dubai fashion schools.   

Receive an American fashion education taught to American educational standards while also receiving an education from someone who understands the Arab culture and how to work with Arab clients from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. When you have a trainer that understands the region’s culture and the ways of the region, as well as brings a New York and global perspective to fashion, then you’ll be learning from someone with an innovative view on how to launch a successful image consultant and personal stylist business as well as teaches you the correct mechanics to execute on-point style consultations. 

Plaid does not necessarily make large hips look bigger. A person with tan skin and dark hair is not necessarily a Winter person, which is the complexion of many Arabs. We’ve seen incorrect information about proportions from trainers who sell you on a UK education as well as received other complaints from students of an education that is outdated and/or too ridged. 

Bring your fashion savvy and we’ll teach you how to position yourself as a credible Dubai image consultant and personal stylist.  Plus, you’ll learn how to charge top dollar and get paid what you’re worth. We like to have fun while teaching you the mechanics to make you our next success story. Our Dubai Image Consultant graduates are always happy upon completion of the course. Then they just have to invest in their marketing skills and expanding their network.  But don’t worry, we can teach you the mechanics of how to build your personal brand and social network when you take our 5-Week Business of Style Training

PLUS, we will also teach you who you need to know and contact in the industry in order to position yourself as a successful image consultant and stylist in the Middle East.  

What makes you successful? 

Confidence in yourself and your abilities and then a solid marketing strategy. Our Dubai Image Consultant Training course is fully comprehensive from teaching you the technical aspects of image and style to how to launch a successful image consultant business. When you invest in us, we invest in you by educating you on what to do and how to get started. The rest is up to you! 

✨Imagine waking up every day with a sense of purpose and fulfillment because you’re doing work that you love. 

✨Imagine going to Dubai Mall because it’s research. 

✨Imagine going to fashion events such as House of Bazaar at Mall of Emirates to network, meet likeminded people, and talk about the things you love. 

✨Imagine having a plan on how to build a business so that you can do what you love daily. 

✨And imagine the freedom to spend time with your family and do work that you love because you work for yourself. 

✨Imagine finally having that career in image, fashion and style!

Now that’s happiness. 

When you take our courses:

🔜You’ll get all the tools and techniques you need to build and run your own profitable business as an image consultant and personal stylist. 

🔜You’ll get our successful stylist step-by-step roadmap to packaging and positioning your services so that you can find clients immediately and know how to bill them properly and professionally 

🔜You’ll learn the essential skills on how to work as an image consultant and personal stylist and conduct successful consultations in person and online 

So contact us today to find out how we can help you start the career of your dreams. 

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Live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Saudi Arabia but want an international education?  

We got you covered! Join one of our courses in Paris, New York, or Milan. Learn about French and Italian fashion through an American educational system. Well-versed in all designer and high street brands, you’ll be sure to receive a global education at the Sterling Style Academy.

Click here to learn more about our 5-Day DUBAI IMAGE COACH Training Program

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CLICK HERE to learn more about our 2-Week DUBAI IMAGE CONSULTANT Training Program

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