Aspiring Fashion Bloggers Worldwide are Looking to Diversify Their Personal Style Skills So That They Can Be Better Fashion Influencers

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What is a fashion influencer these days? From the US, to Europe, to India, Asia, and Australia, Generation Z fashion girls are looking to monetize their Instagram accounts in order to become influencers. This generation is not only tech savvy, they are also financially savvy. Therefore they know in order to become a successful fashion blogger, they also need to have a good personal styling skills.

Good fashion bloggers are not sharing things about their outfits, they are also sharing things about their lives. From providing beauty, lifestyle, travel experiences to sharing their style tips, influencers these days are highly diversified.  It’s easy to see the other travel destinations people are going to and also find a nice restaurant or resort to stay in. You can also share your latest beauty tips just by spending a day at Sephora.

But looking good yourself in order to give good style advice is a skill set that either is innate or can be developed. All of us can improve our style. Also keep in mind that to one demographic the way you dress does not appeal to another. So the best thing for you to do is dress according to your own style to find your own tribe. There are individuals whose style is memorable and notable, and those are the people who become success fashion bloggers and personal style influencers!

Some girls actually call themselves style bloggers rather than fashion bloggers. They share all their discount tips on how to shop, how to mix high and low fashion, and how to take care of their skin. Keep in mind people don’t just want to see things just about fashion, they also want to learn about the places that you go to. You become an Internet personality, much like a TV personality if you’re on YouTube.  People want to know about your lives, your problems, what you do on a daily basis. It becomes entertainment for them to watch you.

Becoming an Amazon fashion blogger is currently trending too. This way you can monetize your stellar recommendations. So become an Amazon fashion blogger, but make sure you have good fashion sense and give good fashion advice when you do that. Otherwise you’ll just be populating the world with more bad fashion!

So be sure to keep all these tips in mind when you want to become a fashion blogger and a fashion influencer. It’s a lifestyle.

Schooling yourself on style by enrolling into the Fashion Institute of Style NY’s personal stylist diploma program, held in New York, Miami, DC, London, Paris, Beirut, Doha, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta, will help you position yourself as a true fashion expert. Why limit yourself to only your region when you can influence others from all over the world. That’s truly about developing global sense of style. You learn these things when you enroll into the Fashion Institute of Style New York, how to become personal style blogger.

If taking these courses at one of those locations is not suitable for you, we recommend taking the Sterling Style Academy eCertification  program. You learn how to do personal style consultations, closet consultations and personal shop for people much like how Erica Hoida began her fashion blog and career. She began as a personal stylist. Now she has over 1 million followers and provides style inspiration to many worldwide.

So be more than your average fashion blogger, add personal styling skills too and become a personal style blogger. Give outfit ideas. Change the shoes, change the look!

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